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January 15, 2021

SKALE Use Case and Partner Marathon | SKALE

Jack O'Holleran
Co-Founder & CEO

TL/DR Summary

  • SKALE Chains are going live in February!
  • We will be highlighting key Dapp use cases and partnerships on a near daily basis starting next week.
  • Dapps will be showcased one at a time letting them tell their story of how they are going to change the world and why they chose SKALE.
  • Key partnerships and new integrations will be highlighted during the period allowing the partners to tell their view of how SKALE+their tech will bring value to applications.

The SKALE Network started as just an idea over three years ago. As of today almost 4,000 delegators are staking over $350M in value into the network. This is the foundation that will help the applications that run on SKALE bring the power of web 3 and DeFi to the world. What this means is that SKALE Chains are ready to start going live!

As part of the next phase, over the next 50 days we will be showcasing unique Use Cases for the SKALE Network and highlighting key partnerships that bring synergy to the network. We will highlight these use cases by letting the Dapps tell the story of their value proposition, the problem they solve, and why they decided to deploy to the SKALE Network.

We think it is incredibly important to the community and developer ecosystem to showcase the breadth and depth of use cases for the network. DeFi and Gaming are the breakout categories, but in no way are smart contracts limited to those areas. This is why we have chosen to introduce the amazing set of Dapp partners in a sequenced fashion by their particular use case.

Also, by announcing each application individually, we can give each Dapp/Project the focus and attention they deserve. We want to shine a spotlight on them and help drive their growth. It is good for them and ultimately their success is good for SKALE.  

We also have larger partners that will be a part of this series. These types of strategic announcements are subject not just to our timeline, but also theirs, so they will continuously be rolling out over the coming months. This post is meant to give everyone insight into not only what we are planning, but why we’ve chosen to do it the way we have.  

This is the next step building the SKALE network and community into something that is sustainable and able to grow exponentially over the long term. Decentralized Web3 cloud is the future and the future is now.

Thanks again and stay tuned!

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