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July 11, 2021

SKALE Team offsite 2021 - Work-ation in Mexico | SKALE

Marcos Sanchez
Head of Communications

It has been an extraordinary two years on so many levels. Pandemic aside, SKALE has gone from early alpha stages to a full blown network supported by 46 validator orgs running over 153 nodes with nearly $1 Billion in Total Value Locked into the network. In addition to that, SKALE is on the cusp of its next series of rollouts (more on that coming on the blog soon).  

With a team that's split between San Francisco and Ukraine, meetings happen mostly on zoom. In a typical year, we make time at least once to get the whole team together. It's a critical way to have in depth discussions on where SKALE is at, what we can do better, and brainstorm on ideas for future directions. Unfortunately, the pandemic put a temporary hold on getting together in person, but once things opened up, we were eager to meet. It'd been almost 2 years after all!

With the decision made and the world opening up a bit, the SKALE core team headed to Tulum Mexico to do some hard work, team bonding, and also a little play.  Days often began with yoga and exercise, breakfast, and the first session of the day.  Days were hot, but the team made it up and out to take full advantage of our time. We picked an eco-resort, Amansala Tulum, because we wanted a place that was not only working responsibly for it's workers and the environment, but also offered a variety of healthy activities.

For four days the team worked on multiple topics including: new features, process optimization, product/company positioning, strategic partnerships and more. We brought our laptops, and most importantly our enthusiasm for thinking about how we can make SKALE the backbone of Web3 and the driver of a large portion of tomorrow's internet of blockchains. Yes, we even did some of the sessions in the pool (I mean, why not?).

SKALE MX offsite brainstorms
SKALE MX Offsite 2021

As with most company retreats, we tried to blend in several team building activities, in addition to cultural excursions and team dinners every night. We spent 14 hours a day with each other, and it was pretty great.  Some of the more memorable moments were swimming in Mexico's famed Cenotes (natural lime stone sinkholes that create caves filled with fresh water), walking through ancient pyramids and of course the team building ice baths and cricket eating. What better to help build a sense of camaraderie than spending 5 minutes submerged in a barrel of ice water and downing fried insects with lime and chili.

All in all, it was an amazing trip. Every member of the core team left energized and excited for the challenges to come. There were tons of take aways, product directions and new ideas to implement. We won't let 2 years go until our next get together if we can help it. This is all part of delivering for #SKALESummer!

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