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May 10, 2023

SKALE Partner Spotlight with Legends of Elysium | SKALE

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Welcome to our latest Partner Spotlight Q&A featuring Legends of Elysium! Join us as we delve into the world of Elysium, a fantastical world where game players choose to battle as brave Humans, bloodthirsty Orcs, or mysterious Elves. All done on the blockchain!

In this discussion, we explore the inspiration behind Legends of Elysium, its unique features, and the challenges faced during development. We also discuss their collaboration with SKALE, the fastest blockchain network with zero gas fees, and other notable projects within the SKALEverse that are pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology. 

Read the full Q&A below with the Legends of Elysium team to uncover its role in shaping the future of the metaverse and creator economy.

How did you come up with your project's concept?

In 2021 we  decided to make a life long dream come through by building an innovative web3 AAA game. Our goal is to speed up blockchain adoption by onboarding millions of gamers to web3 and we hold true to our belief that the future of gaming is on decentralized networks. As a project we aim  to utilize our first-mover advantage to get to market before the large gaming studios come to this realization and join the space with their know-how, resources, and capital.

The web3 space currently lacks high-quality and entertaining games at this moment. The majority of productions focused mostly on short-term economical aspects of the games, which completely disregard the needs of gamers. Blockchain gaming lacks a production that meets the gaming criteria of being fun, challenging, and containing a well-thought out self-sustainable game economy. Current challenges also exist with regard to onboarding web2 players due to the friction that is created by the requirement of logging-in with web3 wallets.  Something that traditional gamers, or those not accustomed to utilizing blockchain, can find challenging or inhibiting.

What differentiates your project from other competitors?

We believe that mass adoption of blockchain will come through web3 gaming and it’s our goal to onboard millions of web2 gamers into the space via Legends of Elysium. We’ve introduced a game board where battles take place that brings a totally new experience to the players by enabling infinite possible battlefield scenarios. Our unique approach of creating a trading card game and board game brings something new to the space and proves to the broader web2 audience that web3 games can be fun and deliver high-quality entertainment!

One of the most unique features of Legends of Elysium compared to other trading card games is the fact that the battle takes place on a board made of hexes. Unlike in other trading card games (TCGs), where players play their cards on the table, we’ve introduced a completely new mechanism. Whenever a card is played, it shows up on the board made of hexes. Once the card is summoned on the board, players can move it around, attack opponent units, occupy special fields which give extra bonuses on the battlefield, or try to destroy the opponent's hero. At the start of the battle the board is made of empty hexes, however, each turn players get to terraform up to 2 hexes into lands of their choosing (eg. Forest, Farmland, or Mountain).

These lands are an important aspect of mechanics, as each card to be played has a cost in mana and requirement in lands. For example, if a card has a cost of 6 mana and a requirement of 3 Forest, it can thus only be played on the board if the active player already has 3 Forest lands and can cover the cost of summoning the card in mana. These mechanics include an additional layer of strategy making this game so enjoyable as well as fun. 

Additionally, each board has special fields placed on it which give a variety of bonuses to the player who controls them. Special fields are randomly generated at the beginning of the battle, which ensures that each battle is unique, requiring players to adjust their strategy based on the situation. Alongside special fields, randomly generated one-time-bonuses are also present on the board, giving extra benefits to the player who claims them first. 

Well designed in-game economy, with $LOE as a utility token, allows players to not only enjoy the game but also become educated with the benefits of web3. The game has a series of quests teaching players about NFTs, tokens, staking, burning, and much more.

What is your favorite feature of your project?

The unique board game feature we just mentioned! The way the hexes are constantly evolving makes each game a different experience that brings infinite possibilities to the battlefield.

Why did your team decide to partner with SKALE?

We believe that with the support of SKALE, we can achieve all of our goals stated above. Integrating with SKALE is one of our highest priorities as we look to deliver a cross-chain experience for web2 & web3 users. It’s our belief that not only will those who play Legends of Elysium benefit from us being on SKALE, but the SKALE ecosystem can benefit from Legends of Elysium as well. Our educational campaign has the potential of reaching and teaching millions of users about Phygital trends and the benefits that it brings to the gaming world.

Check out the unboxing video here.

We have an ambitious (but attainable) goal of onboarding 30 million players to Legends of Elysium and as a result, those gamers will become SKALE users. We have strong beliefs in achieving this goal due to the unique implementation solution that allows web2 gamers to log in with Facebook & Google while having a non-custodial wallet created for them and ensuring a seamless experience. In addition, partnering with SKALE provides us with the following benefits:

  • Gasless transactions which SKALE offers are crucial for onboarding web2 gamers to the blockchain gaming world
  • SKALE's unique architecture allows for high transaction throughput and low latency, which is essential for real-time gaming experiences
  • SKALE is compatible with Ethereum, which means that developers can easily integrate with existing Ethereum smart contracts and tools
  • SKALE provides developers with the ability to scale their applications quickly and easily, without sacrificing security or decentralization

How much time did it take to develop your product and what challenges did you face?

We are still in development, and after almost two years of intense work, we are closer than ever to launching!

Some of the many challenges we faced in developing such an intricate game include managing scope creep, dealing with technical limitations, staying within budget and timeline constraints, maintaining creative vision, and ensuring a positive player experience. Additionally, as technology advances and player expectations evolve, as developers we must continually adapt to new trends and innovations in order to stay competitive.

How do you see web3 evolving in the next 3-5 years?

We expect web3 to continue to evolve and mature over the next three years as new use cases, applications, and technologies emerge to meet the needs of a growing user base.

With the growing popularity of blockchain technology and decentralized applications, we can expect to see an increase in the adoption of web3 technologies by users and businesses alike. As more blockchains emerge and gain popularity, we can expect to see greater interoperability between different networks and protocols, making it easier for developers to build and deploy decentralized applications across multiple platforms.

Also, as the user experience of decentralized applications continues to improve, we can expect to see more users embracing web3 technologies and engaging with decentralized applications on a regular basis.

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