Introducing Levitation Protocol: The Future of ZK Scaling


March 3, 2021

SKALE + MetaMask

Marcos Sanchez
Head of Communications

Ethereum is hitting its hockey stick growth moment and with 1.3 million transactions it settles more than $12 billion daily. Unfortunately that's all coming at a cost, with congestion and gas fees hitting all time highs. SKALE is all about creating Dapp specific blockchain to help alleviate the traffic problem and bring costs down dramatically.  In order to help facilitate the changes needed, MetaMask announced their new Custom Networks API with support for SKALE Network.

It's the latest step towards seamless cross-chain user experiences in MetaMask. Developers can recommend a variety of chains to their users, including the Ethereum compatible blockchain, view full Consensys SKL Staking Rewards, amongst a small group of other networks being supported. These networks are then added to the user’s network menu with a simple confirmation, and the user is able to switch between networks using the familiar network switching menu.

We are excited to see so many SKALE integrations that will allow the community to build Dapps with cheaper and faster transactions. Developers can check out MetaMask docs to start recommending SKALE networks to their users. SKALE documentation is here. Wallet developers interested in implementing this method, can also check out the EIP-3085.  MetaMask's blog here.

Build on SKALE

The SKALE Innovator Program for developers includes grants, consulting, Marketing & PR, engineering support, QA support, and investor introductions.

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