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February 23, 2021


Marcos Sanchez
Head of Communications

Protecting our digital identity and controlling what and when someone has access to that information is an integral part of decentralization. It will quite literally serve to unlock access to banking, health records, voting, government benefits, education, and many other critical services. Digital IDs will eventually act as a gateway to almost everything in a person’s digital experience, enabling both social and economic empowerment. 30 countries, including most major European countries, have all announced or are implementing national eID programs.  India even passed 1 Billion users for their national eID scheme.

It’s about returning the power of your online identity back to you and is a top priority of the decentralized world. That brings us to our next marathon use case, Guer builds one protocol for securing web traffic, with decentralized authority, cryptographic identity, and better security. They are driven by realizing true custody over our digital footprint, and understand that it begins with better encryption, rooted in digital identity that’s free from third parties and services. With privacy and identity free of centralized services, Web3 will use the protocol to secure its foundation.

Web3 is decentralizing everything from finance to storage, but how we secure our communications remains very centralized, and depends on infrastructure that has not changed much since 1995. Without upgrading transport layer security, Web3 inherits many of the vulnerabilities of centralized cloud - Phishing, man in the middle attacks, denial of service, malware. Guer works alongside Web3 developers to adopt decentralized, web3-native security while maintaining backwards compatibility and migrating Web2.


TL;DR... it's faster, safer, more reliable, and less expensive than other networks, without compromising decentralization or resiliency...not to mention the SKALE team is stacked with rockstars!

Guer’s protocol is built on the resiliency, transparency, and distribution of the blockchain. SKALE's ultra fast throughput makes the protocol practical, while still maintaining EVM-compatibility. SKALE’s use of SGX allows the Guer protocol to generate and distribute session keys in a trustless, stateless, decentralized way. SKALE also serves as the protocol's execution layer, enabling services like identity verification and key distribution.

Dapp category

Decentralized Web // Infrastructure // Security + Privacy // Data Custody

What SKALE features are Guer utilizing?

SKALE's compatibility with Ethereum makes adoption + migration easy. The use of SGX provides the decentralized web with a means to securely and remotely compute. Customizability of Skale chains provides them with the confidence to build, knowing they can adopt new technologies as they develop. Lastly, the stability and predictability of cost for our SKALE chain makes testing and operating reliable, especially when Ethereum's gas fees are volatile or high.

What Guer is saying about SKALE

"The Skale team always shared our vision of Web3, where privacy and choice co-exist with convenience and function by default. We're proud to work alongside them, are grateful for their support, and are inspired by their commitment to building a network to make Web3 a reality!" James Bourque, CEO & Founder,

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