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January 20, 2020


Christine Perry
VP Solutions Engineering

It’s that time of year again, we’re proud to again sponsor ETHDenver, one of our favorite hackathons.  First, we would like to welcome Denver bound dApp developers old and new, this is a time to not just learn about SKALE, but also hack a SKALE chain into your ETH project.  There will be bounties, and the core team will be wandering the halls late into the night and early in the morning to help you bring your creations to life.  SKALE was one of the most used solutions at major hackathons globally with nearly 60 submissions and we’re excited to see what happens at ETHDenver. As is our tradition, we’ll continue to offer significant bounty pools to help support the best hackers and projects out there.

Why ETHDenver?

This has consistently been an important show for the core team, not only because we get to see SKALE working in the wild, but most importantly because of you, the developer.  Last year there were some amazing projects that came to life and won bounties. They ranged from games to non-profit donation impact tracking to artist crowdfunding, it was an incredibly broad spectrum and testament to the creativity of our developers.  The core team learned a lot, much of which we’ve implemented into the code, and also in our approach to how we’ll be present this year.  You can have faith that you will see us wandering the halls to help you out at all hours of the night.  We will also post our speaking slots soon so you can sit in on some of our technical presentations.

ETHDenver will also be an important moment for SKALE because our mainnet should be going live not long after the hackathon.  Like always, the feedback that comes from you will be filtered into everything from the code to the documentation. In fact we’ll be encouraging you to push our testnet during your implementation so we can make last minute tweaks if needed. In many ways, you are SKALE, and it's exciting to see such a strong and vibrant developer community, it's why the network will flourish.  

What is SKALE?

SKALE is a Layer 2 Proof-of-Stake elastic blockchain network that gives developers the ability to easily provision highly configurable fully decentralized chains that are instantly compatible with Ethereum. SKALE Chains can execute sub-second block times with over 2,000 transactions per second (tps) on every chain, and run full-state smart contracts, in addition to decentralized storage, and machine learning in EVM. Over 35 dApps are currently building on SKALE, ranging from games to DeFi to streaming audio and more.

Innovations include a modified EVM that allows SKALE sidechains to run full-state smart contracts while providing greater computational capacity and cheaper on-chain FileStorage, an improved BFT Consensus for near-instant finality, and the ability to run machine learning in a smart contract.

SKALE supports all the developer tools (Web3.js, Web3.py, Truffle, etc.), key wallets (Portis, Bitsky, Metamask), and major token standards and stablecoins (ETH, Dai, ERC20, ERC721). Deploying to SKALE involves changing only a few lines of code in your Truffle script—exponentially improving the performance of a dApp could not have been easier!

To help you do some research before the hackathon, here are some important resources to peruse:

The core team is looking forward to hacking away with you at ETHDenver!

Build on SKALE

The SKALE Innovator Program for developers includes grants, consulting, Marketing & PR, engineering support, QA support, and investor introductions.

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