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July 9, 2024

SKALE Ecosystem Recap - June 2024

SKALE Network

June was SKALE’s biggest month ever! The network achieved a new monthly record with 57 million transactions in June, and surpassed 500 million total transactions. The month was full of major partner announcements, as SushiSwap went live on SKALE with $150k in incentives, and SKALE became the first blockchain to join Unity’s Developer Support Program.

🔍 Quick Highlights 

Milestones - Hit a new record with 57M monthly transactions, surpassing 500M total transactions.

SushiSwap on SKALE - SushiSwap launched on SKALE with $150k in SKL incentives for selected liquidity pools.

Gaming Level-up - SKALE joins Unity's Developer Support Program and integrates with Portal’s game discovery platform.

Fiat On-ramp - Transak’s On-Ramp is now live in the SKALE Portal for seamless fiat-to-crypto conversions.

Keep reading to catch up on the latest exciting developments in the SKALE ecosystem!

🏅 June Milestones

Achieved a New Monthly Record with 57M Transactions

SKALE has once again broken the previous month’s record, reaching 57 million transactions in June. This remarkable milestone underscores SKALE's exceptional ability to support new dApps and users, scaling the ecosystem without a hiccup.

SKALE Has Now Surpassed 500M Transactions, Saving Users $7.5 Billion in Gas Fees

In an extraordinary achievement, SKALE has crossed the 500 million total transactions mark. This accomplishment not only showcases the network's growth but also represents an impressive $7.5 billion USD (or 3.14 million ETH) saved in gas fees for users. SKALE continues to deliver scalable solutions providing an invisible blockchain experience to its users.

🍣 SushiSwap Launches on SKALE with $150k Incentives

SushiSwap is now live on the SKALE Europa Hub, bringing zero gas fees to DeFi. Users can now trade and provide liquidity with zero gas fees. This integration marks SKALE's significant move into DeFi, making decentralized finance more accessible with its gas-free architecture.

To celebrate, you can earn your share of $150,000 in SKL incentives by providing liquidity in the following pools: ETH/SKL, USDC/SKL, and SKL/CMPS.

🤝 SKALE Becomes First BlockChain In Unity Developer Support Program

SKALE Labs has joined Unity’s exclusive Developer Support Program! This collaboration empowers game developers to leverage Unity tools while utilizing SKALE’s gas-less blockchain to build a seamless Web3 gaming experience.

With 1.2 million monthly active users, Unity provides unparalleled support to SKALE game developers through strategic advisors for project management, guidance on best practices, and assistance with bug handling, project reviews, and technical support. SKALE Labs will offer custom success plans to help development studios overcome obstacles and ensure project success. Learn more about this partnership.

🎮 Portal Gaming Integrates with SKALE

Portal and SKALE Network have partnered to expand the reach of SKALE projects and attract new developers and gamers, enhancing SKALE's extensive gaming ecosystem. Portal now features SKALE games on its Game Discovery Platform and their assets on its Marketplace. Powered by LayerZero's interoperability protocol, Portal unifies over 200 games across more than 40 blockchains, offering a seamless multi-chain gaming experience.

💱 Tranksak On-Ramp Live on SKALE

Transak’s On-Ramp has been integrated into the SKALE Portal, simplifying the conversion of fiat currency into cryptocurrency directly within the platform. This enhancement makes it easier for users to onboard to SKALE and start using decentralized applications and games on the network. Use the Transak On-Ramp here!

🚀 June Partner Announcements

In addition to SushiSwap, Portal, and Unity, there were several other partner announcements in June: 

Haven’s Compass - Haven’s Compass, one of the top games on SKALE, has launched its token (CMPS) on SushiSwap and MEXC.

Hitmakr - This new project that aims to decentralize the music industry connecting the gap between artists and their audience is now live on SKALE, with their token, HMKR, trading on SushiSwap.

PlayGround - PlayGround, a gaming publishing and user acquisition partner, will leverage SKALE to bring zero gas fees to its suite of games.

Felines of Sarvia - A new game built by the GoLiveGames development studio, is live on SKALE.

BlockLogica Labs -  This premier incubator and fundraising hub has announced the launch of its first chain-exclusive incubation cohort in collaboration with SKALE Network. Apply here!

🔊 SKALE In the News 

Jack O’Holleran (SKALE Labs CEO) on CryptoNews Podcast 

Jack O’Holleran and Andrew Saunders (SKALE Labs CMO) on Brazil Crypto Report Podcast 

Andrew Saunders and Spring Dunn (SKALE Labs Dir. of Marketing) on Proof of Talent Podcast 

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June was a landmark month for SKALE, with record-breaking transactions, significant partnerships, and innovative integrations. SKALE continues to lead in scalable, zero gas blockchain solutions, with more innovations on the horizon.

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