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February 8, 2023

SKALE Ambassador Community Spotlight: January Recap | SKALE

SKALE Network

Welcome back to another Ambassador Community Spotlight Recap! Last month, several SKALE Ambassadors took the time to celebrate their country’s new year by hosting various community events. Members who participated had many opportunities to share their creative designs, send new year wishes to their communities, and learn about SKALE. Let’s dive deeper into what they’ve been up to!

SKALE China: Chinese New Year

For Chinese New Year, SKALE’s Chinese Ambassador, Jia, hosted a fun and interactive event to celebrate the year of the Rabbit. Community members were encouraged to complete a small series of tasks and share their new year’s wishes with the community. Those who successfully completed the requirements received a small “hong bao”, also known as a “red envelope”, to commemorate their success!

SKALE Indonesia: Imlek Celebration

SKALE Indonesia’s ambassadors, Matt and Masfaii, held a community event to commemorate Indonesia’s New Year: Imlek! All community members were encouraged to create original “Imlek x SKALE-themed” banners and participate in an educational segment where members had different opportunities to learn more about SKALE. All community members who completed the activities were eligible to receive a red envelope packet! At the end of this event, SKALE Indonesia had new members join, saw an increase in overall engagement, and received lots of interest for future events!

SKALE Sri Lanka: Pongal Festival

SKALE Sri Lanka Ambassador, Dilip, hosted a two-in-one event for Pongal Festival where community members came together for an entire week to share their gratitude and participate in mini-events to learn about SKALE. Pongal is a harvest festival typically celebrated for four days by the Tamil community. It is a celebration to give gratitude to the Sun, Mother Nature, and the different farm animals that help contribute to the bountiful harvest. By the end of this weeklong event, all community members who participated earned small rewards and are excited for other community events in the near future!

SKALE Vietnam: Tết Celebration

SKALE’s Vietnamese Ambassador, Diu, hosted a small community event to celebrate Tết, also known as Lunar New Year. Tết, short for Tết Nguyên Đán, is a weeklong event where the Vietnamese community celebrates the arrival of Spring and is considered the most important event of the year. For a week, there are many exuberant festivities that take place as people come together to eat traditional food, enjoy live music and dragon dancing performed along the streets, and send good wishes to their loved ones. The SKALE Vietnamese community took part in this celebration by sharing their Tet photos with SKALE designs and good wishes to the SKALE Ecosystem for this new year!

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