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February 14, 2023

Of Gods & Men Guest Post: Enter the OGM Arena | SKALE

SKALE Network

Of Gods & Men is a coliseum-style game where players collect NFT cards of gods, demigods, and mortal gladiators to fight within the OGM Arena. Similar to going to the comic shop and buying a pack of random cards, players purchase randomly generated NFTs hoping for powerful gods or gladiators with rare traits. The original release will include 10,000 unique NFTs on the SKALE Network. In the future, through a post-release breeding mechanism called training, more NFT cards will be created.

OGM has partnered with SKALE due to the unmatched ease of use for OGM players the network offers. SKALE enables gas-free transactions, allowing gamers to fight in as many glorious battles as they wish without worrying about paying fees each time. In addition to zero gas fees forever, SKALE’s near-instant finality allows for quicker gameplay with little to no stoppage. Partnering with SKALE to bring the world of Of Gods & Men to life gives the NFT collection to be much more than just that. The partnership also offers OGM a chance to be a remarkable, strategic auto-battler.

The gates of the OGM Arena are opening soon, to those who dare enter the battlefield. The trickster, Hermes, has convinced the other gods to fight amongst one another. The gods have stripped themselves of their immortality to fight in the tournament beside their mortal followers. Zeus, having seen Hermes get into the ears and minds of the other gods, joins the fight to maintain control of the heavens. All twelve gods of the Pantheon are available, including the Celestial Blacksmith, Hephaestus, the King of the Seas, Poseidon, and the Wild Huntress, Artemis, as seen below.

Along with the gods, human gladiators and demigods have also brought their talents to the OGM Arena and are waiting to join your deck! Demigods, identified by their glowing eyes, are the powerful half-divine offspring of the gods with slightly stronger stats than their human counterparts. Although the human gladiators are the most common warriors in the OGM Arena, they do not fear the demigods or gods. For they know winning this tournament is about more than brute strength. Channeling Ares’ blind rage could send you home defeated if you value power over a cohesive strategy. Within the OGM Arena, you will find thousands of gladiators, immortal and human alike, each with unique abilities, affinities, and weaknesses. It is up to you to build a team that works together to take the pantheon for yourself.

Will you be lucky enough to mint a powerful god and defeat your foes? If you think you have what it takes to win the epic battle for the cosmos, join the OGM Arena and fight to rule the Pantheon!

Linktree: http://linktr.ee/ogmnfts

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