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April 26, 2021

Meet the SKALE Protocol Ambassadors | SKALE

Mark Comcare

It is a source of great joy to see the Ambassador Gamez bring together and onboard 22 highly enthusiastic and capable SKALE Protocol Ambassadors. They have already been very active in building and educating SKALE’s different communities, with activities like organizing live events, appearing on podcasts, doing online presentations, supporting AMAs, and more.

We’re very proud of the ambassadors and are honored to now present each of them in this post!  

SKALE Africa

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Donald is an engineering student and tech geek from Nigeria. He is especially interested in blockchain technology and is currently training to become a blockchain programmer. As a progressive and adventurous young man, he strongly believes in a decentralized digital future through blockchain.

Donald is passion-driven and intends to change Africa in his own small way through blockchain technology. According to him, "[blockchain] has come to stay, and its footprint will soon be found in the way bankers bank, workers work, and even in the way mothers do groceries."



AnikyBee is a crypto/blockchain enthusiast from Nigeria who has embraced the potential of blockchain technology 4 years ago. She started as a blogger on Steemit (introduced to the platform by an online friend), and blogging led to research and analysis of other crypto projects. She fell in love with the whole technology because of the financial freedom & decentralization it offers to everyone from anywhere in the world. Today, AnikyBee is a part of many crypto projects as an ambassador, content developer, graphics designer, and support.

SKALE Arabic

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Since 2017, Mostafa has been working to enrich the knowledge of Arab users about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. He is always looking to contribute to projects that provide new useful solutions. He believes that SKALE is one of those pioneering projects that provide solutions for making DApp development easier and more affordable.

SKALE Chinese

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Jia Lei is from China and is a professional software developer. He is very happy to join SKALE as an ambassador and wants to contribute directly to its development in the future.



Evgeny is from Russia but has lived in China for 13 years and is closely connected to the country. He works in the field of international transportation, between Russia and China.

Evgeny started dealing with cryptocurrency back in 2017. He is known to always lose himself in new technologies and found blockchain to be very interesting. He has participated in many projects, but one of the most interesting is SKALE. This is his first experience as an Ambassador. He likes how the SKALE Labs core team are passionate about what they do, how they are developing SKALE, and striving to reach all the summits.

SKALE Finnish




Nikolas is from Finland. He’s driven by public transport and passion towards blockchain technology and electronics. He stumbled upon crypto for the first time around 2012 when he mined my first BTC. He has been on/off following different projects since then. As an ETH fanboy, Nikolas was sold after reading the SKALE whitepaper and realizing that this is and will be HUGE. He loves the community, team, tech and vibes around SKALE. Swipe right if you share these commonalities.

SKALE French

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Berry Brains is a West African and communicates in English and French. She is a content creator, digital marketer and a community manager. She is driven by the passion for global relevance and success, and loves to provide solutions to problems. She does not see failure as an end, but a stepping stone to success. She got into blockchain/cryptocurrency in 2018 through her brother who has been in the space for quite some years. Since then, Berry has done more research and has become fond of the technology. Crypto has been one of the best parts of her life and she is aiming for more adoption of this technology across the globe while broadening her knowledge and strengthening her career in the blockchain/cryptocurrency space.

SKALE German

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Jay works in public communication and marketing with a passion for journalism and technology education. He loves the opportunities that have arisen through the crypto-space; the possibilities for everyone to be able to participate in a decentralized ecosystem.

SKALE caught his attention because it brings blockchains to virtually everyone. The Layer-2 concept is crucial for mainstream adoption and serves as the evolution of the Web as we know it.


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Chetna is a software engineer. She is a big fan of decentralization & blockchain technology and has been in crypto since 2017. She likes the Ethereum network and it's smart contracts concept, but the transaction cost, speed and scalability issues are creating severe pain.

In July 2020, Chetna heard about the SKALE network and its core concepts that will mitigate these problems. She researched the team and their idea of unlimited collective TPS and near-zero to zero gas fees, which she finds fantastic. She is astonished to be an ambassador for this big mission where she can contribute in making the Ethereum network ready for millions of users and real life use cases.



Jiten is a blockchain enthusiast working as a community builder and ambassador for some innovative blockchain projects like SKALE. He came across Bitcoin in 2016, found it interesting, and has been active in the blockchain space since 2017. Jiten is now creating content, organizing events, blockchain clubs, communities, networking, and other activities to spread awareness of blockchain projects in his region.

SKALE Indonesian

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Masfaii is a highly motivated professional who is passionate for blockchain technology and harnessing its potential to transform businesses and lives. He strongly believes this technology will be transformative for societies. This is why he wants to be a part of this space and help present new blockchain and cryptocurrency projects to the larger public.



Matt is a cryptocurrency enthusiast. Starting out as an airdrop and bounty hunter, he is currently in the staff of several websites writing the latest cryptocurrency news and updates and is providing or has provided service to several cryptocurrency projects, as a community manager, promoter, and ambassador in Indonesia.

SKALE Polish




Andrzej is running crypto ultra-marathons. Running crypto? What does it mean?

He loves running long distances and exploring cryptocurrencies and blockchain at the same time. He has worked for a giant tech company for nearly 15 years before he started his own journey combining crypto, running, and YouTube content creation. He has been doing it for the past 4 years and is pretty happy with how it all goes together. At first, Andrzej had rejected the concept of Bitcoin many times, but in 2017, got more serious about it and finally started to study the tech and implications deeper—spending several months learning how it works e2e, and realized that there is huge potential behind crypto and blockchain tech, not only as a currency, but also as a platform for decentralized computation. He understood then that it opens the gates for many new business models, which can be built on top of these decentralized networks.

Andrzej is fascinated with how SKALE is approaching the challenge of Ethereum scaling and cost issues, and how it helps improve the overall user experience with blockchain tech. He finds the concept of virtualized subnodes in SKALE, which are used to build thousands of independent Elastic Sidechains, to be unique, and something that in the future could be used to scale not only Ethereum, but other networks as well.

SKALE Russian

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Mikhail works as a manager in a small IT company. He got into crypto 3.5+ years ago and has been constantly following the latest crypto trends and new projects since then. Mikhail thinks one of the most useful implementations of blockchain technology is the development of decentralized applications, which is why he likes SKALE as it powers dApps. Previously, he has worked as a content creator and translator in other top-tier crypto projects.



Alterseny joined the crypto space in 2017. He experienced a 3-year downtrend and believes that in 2021, we are in the right place at the right time to be in crypto. He knows it is the next big thing, and SKALE will help blockchain reach mass adoption.

SKALE Spanish

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GAOA has a background in Mechatronics Engineering. He moved from Colombia to Australia in 2018, leaving his comfort zone to follow his dreams and enhance his professional and personal skills. He is currently working as a blockchain research analyst and as an IT field engineer providing IT support to different vendors and service providers across Queensland, Australia, while actively investing in blockchain projects and cryptocurrency trading.

His interest in decentralization and passion for education led him to become a SKALE protocol ambassador and committee member of the ATB (All Things Blockchain) Australian non-profit organization on a mission to increase blockchain adoption, while continuously and holistically educating himself about Industry 4.0 combined with the financial markets — striving to be a tech leader to contribute positively towards the world digital transformation, and promoting decentralization.

SKALE Sri Lankan

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Dilip is an internet marketing and communication expert with 5+ years of experience. He started his career as an internet marketer and in crypto has become a leading community manager and internet marketer in Sri Lanka.

Dilip has successfully helped a number of crypto projects since 2015. He has been providing consultancy services to projects with focus on marketing, PR, and communications.

SKALE Swedish

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Peter is a Swedish-Russian former pianist, now engineer. He thinks a lot about how to decentralize the world, and is inspired by the tech and the mathematics behind SKALE, as well as the vision to build a better future for all.

SKL Turkish

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Emre is a lifelong learner. He began looking at unlimited monetary policy more closely in 2016, around the time he learned about cryptocurrency and how big of a deal it will be for global finance. His first investment was in 2019. What he loves about SKALE is that it is not an "ETH killer," and instead has an even broader scale to work with Ethereum and be a Web3 cloud.

SKL Vietnamese

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Hoang is a cryptocurrency enthusiast, investor, and trader with 4+ years crypto market experience.



Diu Dong is pumped to rave cryptocurrency!

SKALE International



IrishGuy has been in the space since 2017, with DOGE as his first crypto. He gradually learned how life changing the underlying blockchain technology is, and how it can totally decentralize finance and banking. He now celebrates being part of the movement pushing for this revolutionary tech, and excited to help decentralize the world.

SKALE Labs treasures all the protocol ambassadors, and, in the future, plans to expand the ambassador crew to educate, serve, and represent more communities. If you love SKALE and see yourself as a great future SKALE Protocol Ambassador, please look forward to when we launch the next Ambassador Gamez. You can even start preparing for it now by looking at how the first Ambassador Gamez was conducted!

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