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August 26, 2022

Crypto Colosseum Guest Post: Delph's Table Call to Arms

Sydney Jacobs
Content and Comms Manager

Dear future warrior patrons,

Mark your tablets. On September 7th, 2022, it is time to play Delph’s Table. Use your wits and earn real wootgump. There will be $SKL rewards for winning, and wootgump qualifies you for NFT drops, with other big prizes on the way. A tournament for 115,000 $SKL begins at launch.

You’ll need a Badge of Assembly to play Delph’s Table. There are many badges available. And, good news, if you completed a Gleam campaign, a badge is already waiting for you.

The game has a single simple control: tell your warrior where you want them to go. However, beneath the surface of that control is strategy, treachery, and luck. In the 20 rounds you play, wootgump spawns on the board. If you’re on a tile with wootgump, you harvest it. If you and another player land on the same tile, you battle. The winner takes half the loser’s gump.

Will you be a bully? Will you be a humble gatherer? There are many valid strategies on Delph’s Table.

Wootgump is the magical plant that powers the entire economy of Crypto Rome.

In the upcoming Crypto Colosseum: Larva Maiorum there is a mechanic called warbanding.

In warbanding, you send your warriors off to the arctic jungle searching for Wootgump. If during their search, they run into other warriors, the warriors will battle. Warbanding is a key mechanism to train up your warriors and bring in income from recruits not yet qualified to fight as gladiators in the colosseum.

It’s harrowing for your warriors up there in the Arctic Jungle. The Oracle of Delphi knows this, so he created a board game to demonstrate what life is like warbanding.

One more thing:

Starting September 1st, 2022, we will mint Part I of our lore (Historia Colossei I) page by page, one page per day. Badge holders (and again, if you’ve gleamed, you’re a holder) collect this first edition novella leading up to Delph’s Table.

See you all on the tables.


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