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April 3, 2023

Experience High-Performance Gameplay with CryptoCrusades, SKALE’s First On-Chain Mobile Blockchain Game Now Available Worldwide | SKALE

Sydney Jacobs
Content and Comms Manager

What if gamers could have it all? Imagine the benefits of blockchain technology combined with the convenience and accessibility of mobile gaming. With the number of global smartphone users estimated to reach 6.8 billion this year, the focus on mobile games at GDC 2023 underlined the increasing importance of mobile gaming in the industry, as convenience and accessibility continue to be critical factors for gamers worldwide. Developers are dedicating their time and resources to the mobile platform, recognizing the significance of these features. CryptoCrusades, SKALE's first on-chain mobile blockchain game available on both iOs and Android, gamers can have it all - a whole new level of gameplay that combines the benefits of blockchain technology with the convenience and accessibility of mobile gaming.

Merfolk Games, based in Hong Kong-based, is the mastermind behind CryptoCrusades. This epic strategy empire game invites players to construct buildings, trade resources, and engage in battle to expand their blockchain civilization. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, CryptoCrusades stands out as one of the few hex-grid empire-building games genuinely optimized for mobile. Players control their cities completely, and their in-game assets remain entirely secure. In-game resources, such as Gold, can be earned through trading, battling, or crafting NFTs - a unique feature that sets CryptoCrusades apart from traditional mobile games that use Gems as currency. In CryptoCrusades, a grand strategy game, the world is represented on a hex-tile Earth, and with five unique Classes, players have various paths to success, such as a Warrior, Guardian, Merchant, Artisan, or Farmer. Choose your Class and rise to the top of the CryptoCrusades empire!

With its exceptional infrastructure optimized for blockchain gaming, SKALE offers a game-changing advantage to users, providing seamless gameplay without the burden of gas fees for end users. As CryptoCrusades CEO Gabriel Meredith explains, "We're thrilled to join the SKALE network, as it ensures our players on both iOS and Android devices can experience a smooth and cost-effective blockchain gaming experience without the added worry of gas fees." Now live on SKALE’s Nebula Hub, players can fully immerse themselves in the CryptoCrusades game without experiencing any lag or interruptions. So, grab your smartphones, download the game, and get ready to engage in battles!

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