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March 26, 2024

Dmail and SKALE Partner to Transform Decentralized Messaging through AI

SKALE Network

In an era where concerns about data privacy and digital sovereignty dominate public discourse, the need for secure and user-centric communication solutions has never been more obvious as traditional email services, most under the control of large corporations, have left users vulnerable to data harvesting and privacy breaches. 

Meet Dmail, a revolutionary platform that promises not only to address these concerns but to redefine the landscape of digital communication altogether. Dmail is a secure messaging service for its over 9 Million users, and its AI-powered decentralized communication infrastructure is built to provide encrypted emails, unified notifications, and targeted marketing across multiple blockchain chains and dApps for users, developers, influencers, and marketers. 

Announcing the SKALE + Dmail Partnership 

Today, SKALE, the leading AppChain network, has announced that Dmail has launched its AI-enhanced Web3 messaging on the network to utilize SKALE’s unique zero gas fee infrastructure. Its launch on the SKALE Network marks a significant milestone, leveraging SKALE's fast speed, high throughput, and AI compatibilities to deliver a premier Web3 messaging platform.

The partnership between Dmail and SKALE is a natural fit. SKALE is well-suited for AI and this collaboration enables Dmail to implement advanced AI functionalities within its platform. By harnessing SKALE's high-performance network, Dmail can deploy AI algorithms required for real-time processing, spam filtering, automated replies, and enhanced security measures, all while overcoming traditional blockchain limitations.

What Zero Gas Fees Mean for Decentralized Communication

Dmail on the SKALE Network represents a leap forward in decentralized communication. Dmail users can now enjoy enhanced security, improved efficiency, and personalized experiences without the burden of transaction costs (gas fees). 

Dmail's AI-driven features, powered by SKALE's infrastructure, will provide robust protection against phishing and malware and support AI algorithms that automate routine tasks and personalize user experiences.

Reflecting on the significance of this partnership, Daniel James, COO & Co-founder of Dmail Network, remarked, "This partnership is more than just a technological integration; it's a step towards a unified, interoperable blockchain environment where communication barriers are a thing of the past. With SKALE's robust platform and Dmail Network's innovative communication solutions, we are set to redefine the landscape of blockchain interactions and Web3 experiences."

As Dmail and SKALE Network join forces, they not only chart a future of decentralized communications but also invite users to be part of this pioneering journey. The integration promises a seamless, secure, and intelligent messaging service that starkly contrasts the privacy concerns and inefficiencies of today’s, traditional communication platforms. 

Join Dmail and SKALE and step into the future of Web3 decentralized messaging, where privacy, security, and user empowerment are not just priorities but guarantees.


SKALE is the world's fastest blockchain, designed for secure Ethereum scaling. SKALE AppChains provide ZERO gas fees to end-users and have advanced features such as AI/ML smart contracts, on-chain file storage, interchain messaging, and zero-cost minting. SKALE enables developers to deploy their own configurable EVM blockchain in minutes without sacrificing speed, security, or decentralization.

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