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December 6, 2019

DApps for Gaming, the Environment, and Paratroopers: Meet the Winners of SKALE ETHWaterloo Bounties | SKALE

Christine Perry
VP Solutions Engineering

Five years ago, Vitalik Buterin dropped out of college in Waterloo to work full-time on Ethereum. Now the city has already hosted two ETHWaterloo events—the first one in 2017 that kicked off ETHGlobal, and again just a month ago. It can truly be said that this is “where it all began.”

SKALE Network is honored to be among the principal sponsors of this year’s ETHWaterloo. SKALE also offered bounties for the hackers. Developers used SKALE to build dApps for different use cases like gaming, non-ad monetization, institutional credentialing, incentivized action, and accurate forecasting of needed blockchain gas using ML.

Here are the best dApps deployed to SKALE Network at ETHWaterloo.


The first two are the major winners each earning a bounty of $1000 USD in DAI. The succeeding two each won $500 USD worth of DAI in bounty.


CRYPTOBRAWL provides an innovative additional gamified use for different NFTs and ERC-721 tokens as interoperable battleground assets. It features advanced game mechanics where players attack and defend different parts of their token ‘skin’ (legs, body, head). The winner receives skill points which can be spent on Health or Damage upgrades.

CRYPTOBRAWL utilizes SKALE Solidity smart contracts. Fights, rounds, and game stats operate on the SKALE network. On the game's website, the developers explain why it makes sense to use SKALE: “Now you won’t pay tons of money for gas if you want to play more in a fast operating side-chain environment[.]”

Thank you, Ivan Golovanov, Pavel Ivanov, Denis Kaiser and dsputilov for breathing life to NFTs outside of their own platforms.

See their code here!


Familiar is a Tamagochi-inspired game that lets players take care of a cat and, through activities, have it level up to become a lion. This adds an interactive element that is currently missing in popular crypto-collectibles. Familiar enjoys much faster (internal) transactions by using the SKALE EVM.

Thank you, Edward Buchi, Pei Chi Chien and Yanesh Prithipaul for bringing interactions to the currently static world of collectibles.

See their code here!

Flood Chain

The idea behind the project came from observing how Toronto suffers from heavy flooding during heavy rainfalls. People need to be nudged to contribute in expanding the overall area of water permeable surfaces in Toronto (and beyond). Flood Chain allows users to provide incentives to other users for building local or domestic green infrastructure. By taking a selfie with it, the reward amount is calculated and you’ll receive the funds from an incentive provider. The process is simple and straightforward.

Flood Chain is deployed to SKALE.

Thank you, Victor Yip, Raghav Sethi and Sraavan Sridhar for promoting environmental preservation through blockchain technology.

See their code here!


ExCoelis is Latin for “From the Clouds.” It is the motto of the Canadian Army Advanced Warfare Center (CAAWC), a Functional Center of Excellence (FCoE) for airborne operations in the Canadian Armed Forces. It is customary for paratroopers to be awarded jump wings even when dispatched by another nation’s jumpmaster (i.e. jumping with a foreign nation's parachute from a foreign nation's aircraft). This applies both to Canadians dispatched by a foreign jumpmaster and to foreign paratroopers dispatched by a Canadian jumpmaster.

Blockchain can make the process of registering, tracking, and verifying awarded credentials more efficient and transparent. ExCoelis aims to do this for jump wings, specifically with the needs of CAAWC in mind.

ExCoelis runs on SKALE and integrates the SKALE FileStorage for storing proofs that accompany the awarding of wings.

Thank you, Aaron Luhning, the CAAWC Commanding Officer, for thinking of a blockchain solution to an existing real-world unserved need.

See his code here!

Ethie the Unicorn

Thank you to everyone who used the SKALE tech stack during the hackathon and a warm congratulations to all the bounty winners!

ETHWaterloo was the very first ETHGlobal event two years ago. This year, SKALE has participated in several hackathons including at ETHDenver, ETHParis, ETHNewYork, ETHBerlin, ETHBoston, and—as it seemingly comes full circle—ETHWaterloo 2019, where together with the Ethereal Blocks Hackathon, SKALE has collectively received over 50 submissions, making it among the favorite technologies to use at these hackathons.

In addition to the usual bounties SKALE prepares, this year’s ETHWaterloo was graced by a special prize... Ethie the Cute SKALE Unicorn!

The Ethie Award went to the team behind the two player NFT battle game, CRYPTOBRAWL, and it’s great to see Ethie make his way all the way to Russia! 🦄

Can’t wait to see who wins the Ethie Award next.

See you at the next hackathon!

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