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April 12, 2021

Come Build the Impossible on SKALE at the Ethereum Scalability Hackathon! | SKALE

Solene Feuillu

Talking to devs and helping them overcome the scalability issues facing Ethereum today is incredibly important to us. So, as one of the leading live scalability solutions for Ethereum, we're announcing our sponsorship of the Scaling Ethereum Hackathon. Come build your cool Dapp on SKALE for some sweet prizes. This is a great opportunity to improve your skills, meet some great people and contribute to the industry!

SKALE is fully compatible with Solidity, as well as easy for developers to build on. Developers don't have to learn much since SKALE is native to Ethereum dev workflows and supports most popular developer toolkits including Truffle, Remix, Web3.js,, Hardhat and EtherJs.

Attend a SKALE talk

  • Workshop - 100x your Dapp in 2 lines of Code
    Christine Perry, VP Solutions Engineering SKALE Labs
    April 15 10:30 AM Pacific Time (UTC -8)
  • Kickoff Keynote
    Jack O'Holleran, cofounder / CEO SKALE Labs
    April 16 9:30 AM Pacific Time (UTC -8)
  • Building Ethereum Native App Specific Blockchains
    Chadwick Strange, VP Product SKALE Labs
    April 16, 11:30 am Pacific Time (UTC -8)
  • SKALE Technical Presentation ConsenSys Discord Channel
    Christine Perry, VP Solutions Engineering SKALE Labs
    April 22, 10:00 am Pacific Time (UTC -8)
  • Prize Judging
    Jack O'Holleran / Christine Perry
    May 10-11

💰 Create great SKALE Dapps, get SKALE prizes - $15,000 in SKL total:

  • Mega Prize: $5,000 in SKL 💰
  • Prize #2 : $3,000 in SKL
  • Prize #3 : $3,000 in SKL
  • Prize #4 : $2,000 in SKL
  • Prize #5 : $2,000 in SKL

Refer a hacker = get a t-shirt!  Email for more info.

About the Hackathon

Webpage Link:

Final Application Deadline: 14th April 2021

Hackathon Dates: Runs from 16th April — 14th May

Scaling Ethereum will be focused on determining the best of L2 and the future of scalability on Ethereum.

  • 500+ hackers
  • $100k+ in prizes
  • 4 weeks of hacking

Build on SKALE

The SKALE Innovator Program for developers includes grants, consulting, Marketing & PR, engineering support, QA support, and investor introductions.

Apply to the Innovator Program