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October 16, 2023

Ballers Studio and Ballers City Partner with the SKALE Network | SKALE

SKALE Network

The first game from the vaunted Ballers Studio is coming soon to the SKALE Network

A new wave of gaming is coming, one where the lines between traditional gaming and the decentralized web are being blurred. Gamers are no longer just players; they're stakeholders, community members, and beneficiaries of a new digital economy. And as this transformation unfolds, the SKALE Network is thrilled to be at the forefront, partnering with pioneers who are reshaping the gaming landscape. Today, SKALE, the world’s fastest blockchain network, is pleased to announce that Ballers Studio and their inaugural game, Ballers City, have officially partnered with the SKALE Network.

Ballers Studio is a gaming infrastructure solution dedicated to bridging the gap between web2 and web3 gaming. Their goal is to introduce traditional gamers to the play-to-earn dynamics of web3, all while ensuring that NFT owners can actively integrate and utilize their digital assets within the gaming environment. Ballers City, their debut game, exemplifies this vision as a simple yet captivating clicker game that keeps players engaged with endless rewards through Baller Raffles. But beyond the gameplay, it's about building a holistic community of Ballers – a global network of gamers who not only play but celebrate and connect together.

So, why did Ballers Studio choose SKALE? The reasons include the rapidly expanding community, and burgeoning ecosystem of Dapps. However, the most significant draw was SKALE’s gasless transactions and free minting of NFTs. These features align perfectly with Ballers Studio's commitment to maximizing the utility and enjoyment of NFTs within their games.

SKALE’s zero-gas fee transactions ensure a seamless user experience, and our commitment to fostering a thriving ecosystem makes us the ideal partner for innovative projects like Ballers Studio.

Ritvik Zaadu, CMO of Ballers Studio, encapsulates their vision and partnership with SKALE beautifully: "Ballers Studio rises above the crowded web3 gaming horizon. While many chase Play-to-Earn profits, they overlook the heart of it all—the 'User.' We're redefining the game, crafting spaces where gamers play, party, and find genuine utility in their NFTs and tokens." [@RitvikZaadu]

As Ballers Studio embarks on this exciting journey with Ballers City, SKALE is proud to be their chosen platform. Experience Ballers City for yourself and join a community that's not just about gaming, but about celebrating, connecting, and redefining the future of play.

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