Industry Veteran Andrew Saunders Joins SKALE Labs as First Chief Marketing & Growth Officer
SKALE Network Token Economics
SKALE Token Overview
The SKALE token (SKL) is a hybrid use token which represents the right to work in the network as a validator, stake as a delegator, or access a share of its resources by deploying and renting a SKALE Chain for a period of time as a developer. Users pay SKALE in a subscription-based model to rent these resources (computation, storage, bandwidth) for a predetermined amount of time in the form of a SKALE chain. Validators stake SKL into the network and then gain the right to run nodes and earn both fees and tokens via inflation. Delegators may delegate their tokens to validators and earn rewards.

Token Distribution

based on Max Supply
Skale delegator Allocation
Token Lock Up Schedule
Tokens awarded to SKALE supporters in early (pre-public) rounds are not liquid upon launch. To ensure network security and stability, these tokens can be staked. All staked tokens earn standard validator rewards.
Early supporters purchased the right to support the network via an agreement for future tokens upon network launch. Prices vary based on time of investment. Lower prices are balanced with longer lock-periods to ensure aligned network economics.
Purchase Price
(1 SKL)
Total Lock Period
(Months Post Launch)
Round 1
36 (5+ years aggregate)
Round 2
15 (3+ years aggregate)
Round 3
15 (2+ years aggregate)
Round 1 pricing per cumulative investment by R1 SAFT investors in SKALE Labs, Inc. prior to asset transfer to N.O.D.E. Foundation
Token Unlock Schedule
All lock dates commence at Phase 2 Network Launch
Billion Skale token
What is the SKALE Network?
SKALE is an open-source blockchain network that helps developers run smart contracts with sub-second block times, at high throughput, with zero gas fees to end users. It serves as a security and execution layer that is EVM compatible. The network grows linearly to support thousands of independent blockchains, file storage chains, and other types of subchains – all tied to the Ethereum public mainnet and fully compatible with the entire Ethereum ecosystem.
SKALE Launch on ConsenSys Activate
The SKALE Network is chosen as the inaugural project to launch on the ConsenSys Activate platform. Activate makes it easy to use the token for staking and delegation and is built to meet and developthe rigorous Proof-of-Use standards for network and token launches.
Token Details
*based on Total Supply at Genesis
Standard: ERC-777
Max Supply:
7,000,000,000 SKL
Est.Network issuance:
Inital Circulating Supply on Day 61:
564,166,667 SKL
Public Launch Allocation (4.23%)*:
175,000,000 SKL
Public launch price:
Staking & Delegation
SKL token holders can easily delegate their tokens to SKALE Node validators and earn rewards. Staking adds security to the network as it results in a security collateralization of SKALE Chains which Developers pay for in SKL tokens. The fees are returned to validators and delegators for providing security and compute power to the network.
Proof-of-Use Required Staking

The minimum required staking term on ConsenSys Activate platform is 60 days. At least 50% of tokens need to be staked in order for Proof of Use requirement to be satisfied. Staking Rewards can be calculated using the rewards calculator.

Staking Rewards Calculator

Dynamic token unlock schedule at: