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September 4, 2019

Top SKALE Hacks @ ETHBerlin | SKALE

Chadwick Strange
VP of Product

SKALE continues to be one of the most used technologies across ETH Hackathons, receiving 10 new submissions at ETHBerlin this past month. And one can’t help but feel very optimistic when seeing the creative energy and innovative development spirit that prevails in the space and resonates so strongly with us at SKALE.

Even though we have prepared 6 (two 1,000 EUR and four 500 EUR) prizes for the best dApps to use the SKALE tech stack at the hackathon, needing to select awardees was not an enviable task when we felt that all the submissions were winners in their own right!

Amazing stuff of all sorts was built on SKALE this year - from legal contracts automation and micropayments engine to even video streaming on blockchain!


DeLAMP (Decentralized Legal Agreement Marketplace Protocol)

DeLAMP is a collaboration between a DeFi company and a global law firm. It connects actual legal contracts to smart contracts. And that’s a really big use case. How many legal contracts are being written all over the world every single day? If we can migrate legal contracts onto the blockchain, that by itself would already account for massive adoption.

Decentralized Legal Agreement Marketplace Protocol

DeLAMP can generate wet clauses (i.e. legal text) each with accompanying code. Writing a smart legal contract would then be a simple drag and drop activity of selecting relevant pre-written clauses—an easy procedure that produces contracts with enforcement that is both compliant and programmable. To round up the ecosystem, clause and code authors are incentivized through automated per-use payment for their work; there is a reputation mechanism that quality checks the clauses and code in a decentralized manner; and there are governance tools to manage exceptions and handle unforeseen or ambiguous situations.

Since blockchain has made smart contracts possible, it just seems common sense to view them as the next evolution of the societal contracts we enter with each other. DeLAMP bridges the gap between programmable contract enforcement and the current system of legal enforcement, bringing out the best in both, and finally ushering in this evolution.  

DeLAMP has great potential to disrupt such a fundamental piece that glues and holds society together—how contracts are written and enforced. When people say that blockchain will change the world, they could well be talking about dApps like DeLAMP. They got one of two €1,000 top prizes SKALE has prepared for the hackathon.

Thank you, Raphaël Mazet, Jakub Wojciechowski, Tara Waters, Alex Suvorov and Dhen Padilla for bringing compliance to smart contracts and programmability to legal contracts!

The deLAMP team

See their code here! received the other €1,000 top prize. They aim to bring the traditional art gallery experience into the digital space. They intend to offer scheduled curated exhibits of digital works with an emphasis on immersion and ownership of the experience through non-fungible tokens (NFTs). After going through the gallery, attendees can choose to go to a virtual gift shop where they can buy art pieces. early UI design is integrating advancements in digital presentation and cryptographic ownership technologies to fine art. The SKALE Ethereum-compatible chain posts the NFTs that undergird the memorabilia layer of the gallery.

Thank you, AJ Adams, Matt Condon and Özgür Korkmaz for bringing art to blockchain!

See their code here!

Squirrel Goals

Squirrel Goals earned a €500 hack prize for a savings dApp where users can set a savings goal and funds will remain locked in a smart contract until the resolute saver reaches his or her goal.

Save like a squirrel

Thank you, Muhammed Nagy, Rachel Black, Kurt Merbeth and Valerie Vaske for promoting responsible personal finance!

The Squirrel Goals team

See their project here!

The Graph Oracle

Also winning is The Graph Oracle (TGO), which taps into The Graph, a powerful off-chain tool that allows users to query data from leading decentralized projects. TGO provides a mechanism for dApps to create queries to The Graph directly in their smart contracts through The Graph Oracle.

Being able to query data like the last 5 domain names registered in ENS in the past month or the addresses with CryptoKitties, and do this on-chain from smart contracts opens all kinds of possible new applications.

The TGO subgraph has been deployed on Ropsten

TGO leverages SKALE Chains for faster and cheaper (by avoiding growing gas costs) function calls, which would be integral for more computationally demanding queries. Moreover, the results of queries are stored in the SKALE decentralized storage.

Thank you, Alessandro Ricottone and Vishnu Ks for making an on-chain connection to an important off-chain query tool!

See their code here!

Pay-Per-Minute (PPM)

PPM seeks to incentivize website content producers through a faucet that drips crypto every minute to the address associated with the participating site at a rate set by the website visitor.

PPM early UI design

Thank you, Nata Sheverdina, Svetlana Rogova and Dima Litvinov for finding new ways to reward or monetize quality web content!

See their code here!


Do you want to start an event but don’t have the funding for it? With cybaca, you can!

Organize events with cybaca

cybaca forms the framework for smart contract-based, decentralized event management. The process involves an economic game for securing funding and engaging speakers. Through an automated system of revenue-sharing, the framework onboards and incentivizes organizers and speakers to work on making the event a reality.

Thank you, Valery Litvin, Nadia Venzhina, Ales Puchilo, Arthur Pinchuk and Arsenii Pechenkin for decentralizing event planning and management!

The cybaca team

See their code here!

SKALE CEO Jack O'Holleran (right) and VP of Product Chadwick Strange (left) on stage at ETHBerlin Hackathon

Where We Are and Where We’re Going

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all who attended and participated!

Since the launch of its first devnets in February, SKALE has had productive hackathons at ETHDenver, ETHParis and ETHNewYork, which together tallied 22 submissions. Adding the 10 submissions from ETHBerlin gives a total of 32 hacks submitted to SKALE at these events. The support and vote of confidence in the SKALE tech stack is truly appreciated. We are indeed lucky to be blessed with an amazing community! Catch us at ETHBoston this September, if you’re in the area.

See you at ETHBoston!

If you are interested in trying out SKALE Chains, make sure to join the SKALE community on Discord and visit the Developer Documentation. Also, feel free to check out SKALE’s Technical Overview and Consensus Overview for a deeper dive into how SKALE works and is able to provide 20,000 TPS.

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