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January 13, 2021

$SKL Debuts in Top 20 Stakeable Tokens on Staking Rewards | SKALE

Marcos Sanchez
Head of Communications

If you are looking for information on staking your $SKL token, Staking Rewards is the definitive place to do your research.  SKALE is excited to announce that $SKL debuted on the site in the top 20 tokens staked of the over 150 tokens they track.  With over $350 Million USD Total Value Locked, SKALE Network has quickly established itself as a leading blockchain technology and community globally.

Staking Rewards is the first and most reliable source for staking and yield-bearing assets data. No rating, nor any data point is sponsored in any form. Their data relies on independent research from a dedicated team curating knowledge and data to build a healthy staking and defi ecosystem. Potential and existing $SKL token holders get a 360 degree view of staking and rewards including:

  • In depth staking guides for crypto's major networks
  • Comprehensive information and live data about the token price, economics, staking percentage and value locked in staking
  • Voting power based on the staked amount
  • Regular staking reward reports
  • Staking calculator for delegators to calculate their estimated rewards
  • Analytics and tooling around Staking and more

Getting listed on Staking Rewards is a critical part of building a long term, self sustaining community. People need access to the most up to date resources on SKALE while being able to compare it to the many other projects out there.  It's very exciting to see SKALE already making its way to the top 20.

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