Industry Veteran Andrew Saunders Joins SKALE Labs as First Chief Marketing & Growth Officer


May 24, 2022


Marcos Sanchez
Head of Communications

It’s no secret that NFTs are hot, and not simply because BAYC, Beeple and others are creating fun art. We’ve seen NFTs that represent tokenization of physical assets, concert tickets, product discounts and more. They not only show ownership of digital and physical assets, but are a way for brands, artists and companies to engage with fans and consumers. As smart contracts, NFTs are just beginning to prove themselves in new and innovative ways. Recently in a new report from Chainalysis we’ve seen that while NFT activity has stabilized in 2022, NFT transaction volume continues to grow, despite fluctuating month to month. In fact, MyLilius, just recently published their proposal for the Calypso NFT community chain, which is very exciting.  

It should be no surprise then that new and innovative projects are looking to join the SKALEVerse and take advantage of SKALE’s gasless nature and fast finality.  Which is why we’re very excited to announce that PitchDAO, where NFT founders build the future together, will be building on SKALE.  PitchDAO’s mission is to connect NFT founders with the right resources to help them grow, whether that’s collaborations, pitch practice, hiring, funding, customers or a chain on which to build their budding project. They want to be the place where founders can safely come to find anything they need.

With so many groups that are "shilly", inauthentic, or have an “everyone for themselves” attitude, they want to change that by building a community where NFT founders and builders can come together in a safe space, to share what they're working on with other like-minded individuals, and connect with resources they'd need to help them succeed. The founders of PitchDAO are builders so they understand the needs of their audience deeply. It’s not an "exclusive" group, but there is some vetting.

“Web3 and NFTs are all about decentralized communities, but in order to help catalyze these efforts, we felt the need to create a new kind of community for the next generation of creators. By utilizing SKALE as a community chain, we can offer our members the potential to use a fully featured, robust, gas free sandbox within which they can build and incubate their vision.” said Amy Liu, core team member of PitchDAO.

Most of PitchDAO’s audience are founders or execs in the web3/NFT space, invited in by other team members. The goal is really to connect founders to the resources they need. Whether it's specific expertise, advice, funds, customers, marketing help, hiring - there’s usually someone who can help. PitchDAO’s growth has already been phenomenal and in the 2 months since inception, they’ve hosted 5 events (IRL and virtual). We’re very excited to watch PitchDAO incubate the hottest and most interesting NFT projects around.

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