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January 3, 2023

SKALE x NFTrade: NFT Artist Spotlight with Kira Bursky (All Around Artsy) | SKALE

Sydney Jacobs
Content and Comms Manager

The next SKALE NFT Artist we would like to spotlight as part of our NFTrade x SKALE partnership is Kira Bursky (All Around Artsy). Kira is an award-winning filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist on a journey to explore perceptions of reality with each of her magic-fueled films and projects. She is inspired by our capacity to heal from mental health struggles and is driven to tell stories of our ability to transform our minds and hearts into a perspective of infinite possibility. 

Before her NFT journey began, Kira ran her film production company full-time, having produced over 60 short films and music videos. About a year and a half ago, her brother, a programmer, introduced Kira to NFTs. Having an interest in pursuing visual art, her brother encouraged her to mint her art as NFTs. Curious about this new medium, Kira researched the crypto industry, and from there, she was hooked! She is now a full-time NFT Artist. 

In the “States of Surreality” NFT collection, Kira describes this collection as “Three black-and-white abstract scenes convey states of relating to life, ourselves, and others. When struggling with mental health, perceptions of reality can become disorienting. Sitting with, sinking into, and reflecting on these states allows beauty to be found in the flow of all energy.” 


“Solitude” - Sitting in silence, the emptiness is deeply felt. Cocooned in the energy of both myself and the world around me, the introspection becomes a meditation. Sinking in and letting my soul be as it is, with no judgment.


“Connection” - To love and be loved. To grasp and to fear. To trust and embrace. There is beauty and balance when souls come together and connect. A flow of energy from heart, mind, and being.


“Interplay” - Entangled in perceptions of reality. Swept up by the past and future. Blind to the present. How do we choose to interact with life?

Check out the “States of Surreality” NFT collection on NFTrade now! 

Follow Kira's work using her resources below:





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