Industry Veteran Andrew Saunders Joins SKALE Labs as First Chief Marketing & Growth Officer


May 26, 2022


Marcos Sanchez
Head of Communications

There’s been a lot of conversation about the metaverse, what it is, what it isn’t, what we do know is it’s still in a massive growth phase. We KNOW it's going to be huge, with estimates that the global Metaverse revenue opportunity could approach $800 billion in 2024. That’s why we’re very excited to announce that DEXGame will be building on SKALE. DEXGame is a platform created to bring the game world together in the Metaverse.

Everything in the DEXGame Metaverse was created as a result of a detailed analysis of different worlds created for the most successful games available. This includes financial resources, product / service buying and selling, entrepreneurship and investment tools. It’s all part of a tight bond between the DEXGame Metaverse and the real world.

“SKALE has quickly risen to prominence and become a great option for companies like ours that are building complicated blockchain offerings. They offer decentralized applications scaling, a variety of blockchain technology integrations across different industries, and tools that can be used by everyone. We’re excited to take advantage of everything SKALE has to offer,” said Gökhan Altinok  Cofounder

Within DEXGame’s dynamic ecosystem there are a variety of products that require very high processing capacity. These products were developed by DEXGame especially for gamers, game developers and investors, and include various tools to increase the capabilities and profitability of these users. SKALE’s Dapp specific chain architecture, combined with its gasless transactions and fast finality offered important advantages that help DEXGame’s Metaverse run optimally for players.

DEXGame was designed to bring each component in the value chain of the gaming ecosystem to life in the Metaverse platform. DEXGame Metaverse is divided into two main regions, DEXPARK and DEXPO, in terms of constructability and manageability. This virtual game world is aimed to host a Game Arena, Gamer-Team Token Exchange, IDO Platform, NFT Galleries, Investment Centers, Game Studios, Game Houses, Game Equipment and Computer Hardware Stores as well as other components of the gaming ecosystem. With this structure, DEXGame presents a "social playground" that allows users and stakeholders in the virtual world to interact with each other. We’re incredibly excited for DEXGame to join the SKALEverse!

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