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March 3, 2022

SKALE Rocked ETH Denver + Hackathon Winners | SKALE

SKALE Network

The turnout at ETHDenver was pretty phenomenal and it really lived up to being the largest ETH hackathon in the world. 10,000 people packed Denver, and SKALE was fully represented. We had 3 speaking slots at the event, and 10 core team members on the ground working closely with partners and developers alike. Not only did we rock the hackathon, but Jack also got up on stage to distribute an NFT to ETHDenver participants using’s QR Code tech, all running on SKALE!

Other amazing highlights include onsite TV interviews with CNBC and Coindesk TV, the announcement of our $100 Million USD Ecosystem Incentive Program, with the first $5Million focused on blockchain games, our code4rena $125,000 security audit contest, and $25,000 in hackathon bounties for ETHDenver hackers. But it wasn't all work, we also managed to network and connect with so many people we haven't seen in a long time.

ETH Denver 2022

Of course the main event was the hackathon, and to that end, we'd love to recognize the amazing projects that won SKALE Hackathon bounties.

TrustRep - Metaverse/BFT/P2E reward

They are solving the problem of enabling individuals to construct their web 3 cv in a verifiable way. This is done by leveraging DAOs as the first credential issuers. TrustRep is building a base protocol and a suite of tools to enable DAOs to easily issue these on-chain credentials, and individuals to mint them on-chain and to display them inside their wallet.

Refresh - SKALE Hack Award

Refresh is a DAO management tool with decentralized HR and internal operational functionalities with focuses on DEI within DAO's. With built in features like; easy contributor onboarding, calendar for DAO members availability, simple DAO member meeting scheduling with a “Quick Sync”, mental health resources and tools to aid members who may be experiencing burnout, voting features that tracks who voted NOT what they voted for to enable freedom of expression & deter peer pressure, and more. Refresh redefines the typical human resources undertone with a member first approach as without members, there cannot be a functional DAO.

Do or Daon't - Partner Integration Award

DoOrDaon't allows new DAO joiners to evaluate the transparency and decentralization of a DAO. With the help of their trust scores, people will only join DAOs that align with their values!

Intuition - SKALE Hack Award

Intuition is a peer-to-peer system for decentralized identity that is economically, reputationally, and “time” - collateralized, facilitating the construction of asymptotically probabilistic, non-deterministic peer-to-peer identity models. This system not only allows for new types of claims to be made, but also bolsters existing decentralized identity efforts through new efficiencies and “skin-in-the-game”.

NAPS - Metaverse/BFT/P2E reward

NAPS is TOTALLY not a pyramid scheme...

Users can mint NFTs that themselves can mint up to two children NFTs. When these children NFTs sell, royalties are earned by the NFT's parent, their parent's parent and so on.

The top address is a DAO, where ownership of the NFTs represents a user's voting power. User's can mint Level 1 NFTs from the DAO directly, but the price to do so increases after every minting.

This use case is a meme, but the more abstract technology we've developed could have legitimate use-cases in the world of IP royalties management. It isn't hard to imagine a world where software is sold, and the authors of the dependencies of that software earn revenue.

There are more winners coming as the longer virtual hackathon winds down, so stay tuned!

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