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July 10, 2024

SKALE Pacifica V3: A Major Network Upgrade Doubles TPS and Halves Block Mining Time

SKALE Network

The launch of SKALE Pacifica V3 significantly enhances the scalability and efficiency of the SKALE Network, providing an improved experience for both developers and the millions of users utilizing SKALE Dapps.

Pacifica introduces important updates to SKALE’s architecture, resulting in a 108% increase in block mining speed and a 122% boost in transaction throughput. In practice, this V3 upgrade delivers improved transaction speed and predictability, enhanced network performance, and advanced developer tools. These improvements ensure that SKALE can seamlessly support a growing number of impactful apps and users, driving forward the adoption of blockchain technology.

Unprecedented Performance Enhancements

SKALE V3 brings remarkable improvements in transaction throughput and block mining speed, making the network more stable and faster:

  • 108% Increase in Block Mining Speed: The average block mining time has been reduced in half. This means blocks are created faster, enhancing the overall speed of the network.
  • 122% Increase in Transaction Throughput: The transaction processing capacity has surged, with average transactions per second (TPS) leaping ny 122%. This ensures that SKALE can handle a much higher volume of transactions smoothly and efficiently.

EIP-1559 Support and Enhanced Interchain Messaging

To further improve the user and developer experience, Pacifica V3 introduces:

  • EIP-1559 Support for Type 1 & 2 Transactions: This feature enables automatic fee adjustments based on network demand, ensuring more predictable and stable transaction fees.
  • Enhanced Interchain Messaging Agent (IMA) Transfers: The maximum potential time for IMA transfers has been reduced by 50%, ensuring more reliable and stable cross-chain communication.

Advanced Smart Contract and Wallet Integration

Pacifica V3 also enhances smart contract functionalities for developers and brings new wallet integrations:

  • Improved Deployment Management: With the new deployment control functionality, contract owners can manage permissions more effectively, allowing only trusted entities to deploy new contracts. This makes the process more secure and intuitive.
  • New Wallet Integrations: The ecosystem has expanded with the integration of new wallets, specifically the Rabby Wallet and the Core Crypto Wallet. These additions offer users more options and a personalized experience when managing their digital assets.

"I'm excited to share the incredible advancements achieved with the SKALE Pacifica upgrade,” said Stan Kladko, Co-Founder and CTO of SKALE Labs. “With Pacifica, we've more than doubled our TPS, and our average block mining time is now less than 2 seconds. With the new deployment control functionality, contract owners can now manage permissions more effectively, ensuring only trusted entities can deploy new contracts. We've also focused on the stability and reliability of IMA transfers, reducing the possible downtime of IMA transfers by half. All these changes ensure a faster, more efficient network and a more intuitive, secure deployment process."

Building for the Future

In June 2024, SKALE saved users $400 million in gas fees and processed over 55 million transactions. With the Pacifica V3 upgrade, these numbers are set to rise even further. By continuously innovating and improving, SKALE is dedicated to driving the blockchain industry forward, providing developers and users with the tools they need for a seamless and efficient blockchain experience.

The Pacifica V3 upgrade also laid the groundwork for future advancements. In the forthcoming V3.1 update, scheduled for the latter half of 2024, SKALE will support all pre-deployments in "skale-contract" functionality, optimize performance through disk partitioning for chains, and much more.

For more detailed information building on SKALE, visit the official documentation.

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