Industry Veteran Andrew Saunders Joins SKALE Labs as First Chief Marketing & Growth Officer


October 25, 2021

SKALE @ NFT.NYC November 1-4 | SKALE

Marcos Sanchez
Head of Communications

NFTs are an incredibly important technology and movement not just in Crypto and Blockchain, but also in the larger consumer world. This is made crystal clear by its use by an increasing number of major artists, brands and esports/sports teams. It also happens to be incredibly important to SKALE. If you missed it, check out Jack's last article "The most popular NFT categories in the SKALE Network today."

Getting in front of those projects and creators that make a difference and are innovating in the space is important, which is why we're going to be at NFT.NYC in spades. Not only are we sponsoring the show itself, in addition, Jack is speaking, a soon to be announced Dapp will be showing SKALE live in action and there will be two more co-sponsored events that are occurring in conjunction with the show (plus more announcements this week). Demand for the show was so high, they had to open up more seats and are reworking the event to expand to 2 additional venues to handle overflow.

If you're planning on being at the event, please join Jack O'Holleran our CEO at the Hotel Edison on Wed Nov 1-1:30PM Eastern. He'll be talking about a variety of topics including onchain storage, minting, gasless transactions and why the SKALE Network makes sense for artists, brands and consumers to create, distribute and store their NFTs on SKALE. For more on the program see this.

In addition to speaking and presenting, we'll be sponsoring two exciting events. One is a happy hour alongside SKALE Partner Gigster, the leading SI for blockchain technologies. With thousands of projects completed and over 600 engineers they can bring your blockchain project to life.

Lastly, SKALE is cosponsoring one of the hottest tickets at the show, with Unreality, a global digital network engineered specifically for the needs of immersive industry professionals and the related creator economy. Announcement on that to come soon!

If you're a creator and want to learn more about what SKALE can do for you, or you're a dapp developer or projects and need a scaling solution for Ethereum that will dramatically bring down your Gas costs and speed up transactions, get in contact with us to setup a meeting. Please email us here


SKALE is a multichain network composed of an unlimited number of secure, decentralized, high-performance Ethereum Blockchains. These SKALE Chains were purpose-built to bring Web3 to billions of consumers around the world. SKALE's advanced cryptography and pooled security model is fast, secure, and decentralized, allowing developers to deliver amazing user experiences to end users without gas fees or latency. SKALE's modular and extensible platform includes EVM functionality, file storage, interchain messaging, and machine learning capabilities, but is open sourced and designed to allow developers to easily use best of breed solutions when necessary. This architecture further allows applications to run completely on SKALE chains without centralized dependencies.

The SKALE Network is an open source project with many contributors including SKALE Labs, Inc. headquartered in San Francisco, CA. The SKALE Network's supporters include Arrington Capital, Blockchange, ConsenSys Labs, Hashed, HashKey, Floodgate, Multicoin Capital, Recruit Holdings, Signia VP, and Winklevoss Capital. The SKALE Network is supported by many of the top validators in the world including 01NODE, Ankr, Anonstake, Audit One, Blockdaemon, Blockware, Chainflow, Chainode, Chorus One, Cypher Core, Dokia Capital, Figment Networks, FreshSkale, Hashed x DELIGHT, Hashquark, Staked, Stakin, Stake With Us, WolfEdge Capital, as well as Staking Facilities. SKALE Network utilised the $SKL token which is listed on 37 exchanges/DEXs globally, including Binance, Coinbase, FTX, Gemini, Huobi, OKEx and more.

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