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January 11, 2021

SKALE Fuji TestNet V2 Kickoff | SKALE

Ebru Engwall
Director of Solutions Engineering

Hello Community!

Engineering has been QA testing the updated SKALE Node version, which provides performance improvements and optimizations needed to create SKALE Chains. These updates will need to be tested on the Rinkeby testnet before we deploy the updates to mainnet. This testnet is only for current validators on SKALE Network.

Goal of the testnet

This testnet aims to gather performance reports for SKALE chains, stabilize SKALE Chains, identify performance issues, and test interchain messaging features with real-life applications on validator nodes.

What we expect from Validators

SKALE core team needs current SKALE Network validators to register nodes on testnet and maintain availability during this time, provide feedback and logs when needed, and get ready for SKALE Chain creations on mainnet. We highly recommend every validator on the mainnet to have at least one node on the testnet for testing the new features before the mainnet release.

Click here for FUJI TestNet latest versions

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