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February 2, 2021

SKALE + Figment Hubble | SKALE

Marcos Sanchez
Head of Communications

Offering more robust resources for the SKALE community to access when staking their $SKL and helping secure the network is incredibly important, that’s why we’re excited to introduce our next partner, Figment, SKALE infrastructure providers and makers of the new SKALE Hubble. Based in Canada, serving customers worldwide, Figment is the country’s largest blockchain staking and infrastructure provider. Their mission is to build a better Internet using blockchain technology. They envision a truly decentralized Internet where users can freely interact, share, collaborate, and exchange goods and services in a trustless environment. They offer complete solutions that make it simple for token holders and developers to use and build on blockchains at the infrastructure, middleware and application layers.

Hubble is the platform validators and token holders use to explore and interact with Web 3 protocols. Hubble redefines what a block explorer should be by enhancing the protocol data available instead of simply presenting it. The goal is to create familiar experiences for token holders and developers across all the blockchains they support. Validators will use SKALE Hubble to monitor their performance, manage proposals, and obtain valuable insights into their delegator base. Token holders will use SKALE Hubble to track their rewards, and make better decisions when choosing a validator. It will become the data hub for SKALE token holders planning to stake.

Hubble is currently available across 10 Proof of Stake protocols and will be available for SKALE in Q1 of this year. Community members can also take advantage of a product called Figment Learn, aimed at educating developers.

Key Hubble features include

1. Validator delegation analytics to track delegations received over time with daily/weekly rollups.

2. Delegation transaction viewer

3. Account viewer

4. Event setup to subscribe to onchain events and receive email notifications

5. Global Feed


We have been researching SKALE for quite some time now, and are actively validating on the SKALE Network. We see SKALE as more than just a Layer 2 solution and we believe that over time, it will develop its own diverse ecosystem. Visible and easily accessible blockchain data is key for decentralized ecosystems. This is why we built Hubble, our Web 3 Explorer for the SKALE ecosystem.

Dapp category? Web 3 Explorer

What SKALE features are Figment utilizing?

We will be providing the data necessary for token holders to make informed decisions when choosing a validator to work with.

What Figment is saying about SKALE

“We’re excited to launch Skale on Hubble and bring delegation analytics and validator info to the community with this initial launch. Look for more features in future releases!” Andrew Cronk, CPO at Figment

Learn more about the project


Telegram: StakingHub

Twitter: @figment_io

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