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January 29, 2021

SKALE + Cryptoraves

Marcos Sanchez
Head of Communications

The explosion of social media apps is a trend that is not going away anytime soon, and we think places like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others are ripe for the introduction of tokens. These platforms could offer a possible entry point for crypto-curious users into the decentralized world. This brings us to our next Dapp, Cryptoraves, which offers on-chain token Tweeting. Users will be able to tip or transfer any Ethereum compatible token, all on chain, by sending a simple Tweet.  Cryptoraves aims to be a fully decentralized Twitter tipbot, and the first to support NFTs.  Dapps and artists will be able to grow their brand, publicly distribute their project tokens on Twitter, and grow their user base with the Cryptoraves tipping and promotional tool.

Cryptoraves is taking a big step towards bringing crypto to the masses by allowing Dapps and artists to quickly and easily get their tokens to interested users who lack crypto experience.  Any Twitter user can receive tokens using Cryptoraves, which opens up untapped audience segments and increases demand by publicly allowing projects, dapps, and artists to showcase their product or token.


SKALE has built an excellent reputation within the Ethereum builder community.  The level of (and access to) technical support has been outstanding, especially for Cryptoraves’ very small team.  SKALE’s co-promotional and partnership approach is both compelling and exciting.  Cryptoraves’ vision of making the crypto experience accessible to many is also aligned with SKALE’s goal to help scale Ethereum to 1 billion users.  SKALE and Cryptoraves both aim to support the growth and success of Dapps within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Dapp category?

Social and Collectibles

What SKALE features are Cryptoraves utilizing?

SKALE's ability to eliminate user fees and offer very fast transactions are critical to the success of Cryptoraves.  Utilizing mainnet would simply not be an option, since Twitter users will expect free, and fast, transfers.  SKALE’s technical capabilities and features offer the perfect solution.

What Cryptoraves is saying about SKALE

“SKALE is a prominent and respected force within the Eth community, and they’ve been actively engaged and visible since I’ve been in the crypto space. Their demonstrated technical ability is impressive and evident. But more importantly, the SKALE team is great, and the experience of working with them feels like a true partnership.”  Bryan Plasters, Founder/Creator/Owner of Cryptoraves.

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