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January 20, 2021

SKALE + Collab.Land | SKALE

Marcos Sanchez
Head of Communications

We’re incredibly excited to launch the Use Case and Partner marathon today.  It’s been a long road that’s included a mainnet and token launch, as well as 150 nodes going live with nearly 4,000 people staking into the newly decentralized SKALE Network. We couldn’t have done it without the help and support of our developer community and so we wanted to take this moment to highlight some of the wide variety of Dapps, projects and partners, and the diverse set of use cases they are bringing to Web3.

As we mentioned before, we will release these use cases one by one so that we can shine a bright light on the incredible things our developer community is doing.  Without further ado.

Collab.Land is one of the most used decentralized applications in the world with over 700 tokenized communities with over 50,000 users. The platform is paving the way for the future of tokenized influencer strategies. We are already seeing major influencers in music, digital art, and technology leverage the platform. It is a service that goes to where users are already chatting creating less friction for adoption while optimizing community engagement and involvement. They lower the coordination costs to ensure token holders are chatting with other holders and incentivize communities to grow in the right manner. Currently they support Discord and Telegram with plans to support Twitter and Reddit in the near future. They plan to release DAO based features (they support Moloch and Aragon based DAOs) for communities so that they can manage their community funds.

Collab.Land reduces coordination costs for token holders with plans to become a full service tooling provider for token communities. Their current target audience is web3 users and they are starting to move toward early adopters in the web2 space.

Dapp Category: Social Tokens


SKALE is able to increase Collab.Land’s economic security while maintaining minimal transaction costs. SKALE is EVM based which allows for deployment and composability, and is a clear fit for the social token use case. Collab.Land will be able to maintain its base on Ethereum and with very small changes connect to SKALE. In particular fast blocktimes with zero fee transactions/smart contracts for end users is a major point of value for the Collab.Land community.

What SKALE features is Collab.land utilizing?

The most important SKALE features for Collab.land are the ability to maintain economic security while keeping transaction costs low, and interoperability with the Ethereum mainnet using SKALE’s Interchain Messaging capabilities.

What Collab.land is saying about SKALE:

“SKALE allows for ease of deployment and integration with our current tooling while maintaining economic security at low transaction costs. Additionally, Interchain Messaging allows for simple interoperability with tokens on Ethereum. We’re excited to be integrating with the SKALE Network and bring all of its benefits to our users.” - James Young, CEO Abridged.io, creators of Collab.land

Learn more about the project:

Web | Telegram | Twitter

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