Industry Veteran Andrew Saunders Joins SKALE Labs as First Chief Marketing & Growth Officer


June 16, 2022


Marcos Sanchez
Head of Communications


The time has come for Ruby.Exchange—the foremost AMM on SKALE and a founding member of the Europa Liquidity Hub— is now live in beta on the Europa SKALE Chain!

There are a host of novel and exciting new features that are all going live. The marriage of NFTs and AMM is not only exciting and new, but it highlights the critical future focus on the user experience for every Dapp in Web3. Here's the TLDR :

  • Conventional AMM and StableSwap 4Pool (USDT, USDC, USDP, and Dai)
  • Gemstone NFTs, providing reduced trading fees
  • Unique generative gem NFTs for every user profile
  • Yield farming, with RUBY and SKL rewards on selected liquidity pools
  • RUBY staking
  • Secure migration of assets from Ethereum mainnet in seconds via the Skale IMA Bridge, and instant transfers between SKALE Chains
  • Zero gas fees, enabling trades of any size and yield farming for any amount of capital
  • Liquidity Optimization at the protocol level
  • Fast confirmation times and finality, with no front-running
  • Two further classes of reward gems, including APY boosts and reduced early-exit penalties for LPs, will be released in the near future

Collect Rare Gemstone NFTs With DeFi Utility

It's not just about trading, it's a gamified experience that allows you to receive a profile gemstone NFT, that gives you additional utility and functionality. Not only do you have no gas, but you also can get other perks like reduced trading fees, increased APYs, and other platform perks.

Additionally, you can earn RUBY Liquidity Mining Rewards. To find out more check out Earn And Burn: Exploring Ruby's Token Economics.

Start trading on Ruby.Exchange, or deposit liquidity to earn trading fees and RUBY rewards. You'll find everything you need on Ruby's all-in-one Dashboard. Smart contracts can be found in Ruby's GitHub repository.

Follow us on social media and join the Ruby community on Twitter and Telegram. For the full announcement see:

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