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February 23, 2023

Pocketful of Quarters releases its Of Gods & Men NFT Collection on SKALE | SKALE

Sydney Jacobs
Content and Comms Manager

The time has come…The gates of the OGM Arena are open for those who dare to enter the battlefield. Gods, demigods, and human gladiators are all waiting to join your deck, and now you can mint any of these powerful characters to defeat your foes! To all NFT holders and enthusiasts, Pocketful of Quarters has officially released its long-awaited Of Gods & Men Collection on SKALE! The only question is –  Will you open Pandora’s Box?

To get started: 

  1. Click here to purchase your NFT/ NFTs
  2. Once an NFT holder owns their NFT or NFT, simply click here to connect your wallet and start battling! 

Check out a full demo of how to mint an OGM NFT

The artist that designed the collection is a well-known comic book artist that has worked on multiple Disney projects. The collection is based on Greek Mythology, with designs inspired by famous gods, demigods, monsters, etc. Be on the lookout for more player packs coming out throughout the year! 

SKALE’s gas-free transactions allow gamers to fight as many glorious battles as they wish without worrying about paying fees each time. Additionally, SKALE’s instant finality allows for quicker gameplay with minimal stoppage. Utilizing SKALE’s shared node infrastructure reduces upfront costs that might otherwise be cost-prohibitive to many game developers. Pocketful of Quarters CEO Tim Tello explains, “Fractionalized nodes are really the next step in the evolution of building on-chain. Skale has made significant progress in bringing the next wave of builders on-chain.”  

He adds, "Web3 can change the landscape of games. The idea of ownership and digital rights is unique to gaming. I get excited to turn on my old Gameboy and see Pokémon. I believe this is a personification of our digital selves, what we like, and who we are. I look forward to the interoperability of one game to the next and how this will cultivate the ideas of the next generation of game developers."

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