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October 10, 2022

OwnYourStream (LiveCGI) is now live on SKALE! | SKALE

Sydney Jacobs
Content and Comms Manager

The current monetization model for video content creators is broken. Content ownership lies in the hands of centralized companies rather than the creators themselves. When CEO Marc Rowley, the inventor of the revolutionary Pylon Cam, saw this archaic model, he decided something needed to change and set his mind out to create OwnYourStream. His model calls for profits and ownership to be shared not only by the content creator but also by the content consumer as well. 

OwnYourStream (LiveCGI) is now officially live on SKALE! Live Streaming allows people to see events happening in real-time from anywhere in the world. OwnYourStream allows the easiest and fastest way to create your own personal streaming broadcast and amplify it across social platforms such as Twitch, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and more!

OwnYourStream is natively built with Web3 technology. The live streaming product allows creators access to the metaverse with a suite of easy-to-use tools, including creating and minting NFTs of their streams with just a few clicks for a subscription of $9.99 a month. OwnYourStream brings the metaverse to the masses with its groundbreaking product StreamMyScreen, a cloud-based studio platform that unleashes the creator economy. Additionally, MintMyStream creates real-time NFT moments clipped from your stream and sold directly to your audience on the StreamMyScreen Storefront or Opensea Marketplace.

“ is very excited to partner with SKALE Network with our live minting functionality.  Anyone from a creator to a realtor to a sports fan can now mint unlimited moments for just $9.99 a month and sell those moments to their fans or keep them. This is how we make web 3.0 tools and the blockchain accessible to everyone.” - Marc Rowley, CEO, 5-Time Emmy Winner

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