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June 8, 2022

The New SKALE Website is Now Live! 🚀 | SKALE

Spring Dunn
Director of Marketing

Hello SKALE community!

The time has come. I’m thrilled to share that it’s finally here. The new SKALE website is live!

The previous website was designed in 2019 and needed a full overhaul. It was created before the token and network were live and with only developers in mind. That hasn’t totally changed, developers are still our target audience (we love you!) but the SKALE community has grown exponentially and we have a much larger audience who want to learn about SKALE. It’s important that everyone from newbies to natives easily understands how SKALE works, why it’s important to the future of blockchain, and how it fits into the overall blockchain ecosystem.

There are a ton of improvements and a lot of thought that went into creating the new website. These include dedicated sections on SKALE features and value propositions, loads more educational & developer content, streamlined navigation, a full list of ecosystem and Dapps, network stats, new pages built especially for Technology and Network, and so much more.

In order to understand it all better, let’s break down the website into 3 buckets: Content, Design, and Positioning.


All of the important documentation and information that was spread across the blog, docs portal, and website was compiled and refreshed. We then designed an optimal sitemap so content would be organized in an easy, streamlined manner after which it was tailored to the correct audience. FAQ sections were created for developers, validators, and delegators so important questions would be answered immediately and also be picked up by search engines.


One of the key design concepts we came up with was to give website visitors an immersive experience of the SKALEverse. This started with the question: What does the SKALEverse look like? If nothing else, we knew we wanted new visitors to experience a big WOW factor and have an instant desire to become a part of the SKALE community.

In order to accomplish this enormous undertaking, we brought on an amazing agency called Piqo Design to help us bring the SKALEverse idea to life. After lots of conversations, the primary color of black was chosen, adding in a mix of pastels, to give it a cool, modern, playful look. Piqo then visualized and created a 3D SKALEverse of worlds, and the rest of the design assets were born from there.


Creating the right positioning is absolutely critical to a company’s success, so we knew another important piece of the big refresh was to tackle the constant evolution of getting the right positioning. We asked ourselves, with the roll-out of SKALE V2, how should the SKALE network be positioned within the larger Ethereum ecosystem?

SKALE is the first modular blockchain network fully optimized for Web3 user experience and security. Zero gas fees, linear scaling, instant finality, on-chain file storage, interchain messaging, pooled security - these are all current working features and benefits of SKALE.

While competitors have claimed and shared marketing materials talking about these features and how they will become part of their offerings, none of them have them today (or even in the near future). It’s selling the future by adding some checkboxes and words to their roadmap. SKALE has all of these features and functions NOW. With that as our starting point, we came up with:

The Blockchain Network of the Future.

Available Today

If you want to build Ethereum native, fast, secure Dapps, and offer ZERO gas fees to end users today, SKALE is the only choice for you. No waiting years to get these features, SKALE is ready for you to build with them now!

What’s Next?

This is just the first iteration of the website, and there will be a phase 2 launch in the coming weeks which includes a new blog, more visual assets explaining SKALE architecture and features, and some other surprises. ;) The SKALE Network website is a dynamic, ongoing initiative, so be sure to come back often to see what’s new! Check out the SKALE social channels too, because they have also gotten a refresh.

The SKALE Labs core team is very proud of the new website, and this refresh reflects the current state of SKALE and our brand evolution over time. We hope you love it as much as we do! Stay tuned to this space for more updates.

And of course, a big thank you to all of our community members, Skaliens, and ambassadors that play an active role in getting the word out about SKALE! We see you and appreciate you, and love being on the SKALEverse journey with you all!

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