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May 28, 2021

Now stake your SKL on Hubble from Figment | SKALE

Marcos Sanchez
Head of Communications

SKALE's core team has been heads down working on making sure the community has all the resources they expect and need. One incredibly important resource is a variety of providers through which they can delegate their SKL tokens and put them to work securing the network. It's along that vein that we are very excited to announce yet another way to stake your SKL tokens, using Hubble from Figment.  The NODE Foundation will be supporting the launch of SKALE on Hubble with a community grant. Details on the structure of the program and quantity of tokens will be released next week.

Hubble is a Web 3 explorer that allows token holders and network participants to analyze and interact with the SKALE Network in real-time. Hubble has reinvented what a typical network explorer should be by enhancing and highlighting the available protocol data for validators and token holders.

Validators will use Hubble to monitor the SKALE network, manage proposals, and obtain valuable insights into their delegator base. Token holders use Hubble to stake SKALE, eventually vote on network proposals, and track their rewards. Through Hubble, users can also receive real-time alerts for network events. You will be able to delegate your tokens through May 31, 2021 but we always recommend leaving some time for delegators to accept and of course make sure to check the Figment site for any specifics. Don't forget the next epoch begins June 1, 2021 00:00 UTC, so take into account the time zone when doing any planning. To learn more about SKL and Hubble visit their site here.

Staking $SKL on Hubble from Figment

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