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May 1, 2023

NFT Labs and SKALE Partner to Bring Sports Fans to Blockchain | SKALE

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Web3 products are booming, but they face a major challenge: reaching new users. Traditional targeted advertising is costly, with solutions that can be complex and not well suited for web3. 

Enter NFT Labs, a company that's building a suite of fun and engaging web3 products aimed at sports fans. Their innovative approach is already attracting thousands of users, but to scale up and take it to the next level, they need a high-performance blockchain network that can handle their unique needs. These needs and the high gas fees on many blockchain platforms were making it difficult for users to interact with web3 products seamlessly.  

That is why NFT Labs has chosen to partner with SKALE! With SKALE's fast and zero gas architecture, NFT Labs will be able to deploy their suite of products at scale while also onboarding more users into web3. NFT Labs offers a suite of web3 products designed to engage sports fans through games and other interactions. 

One of NFT Labs' flagship products is "Mywin," a NFT play-to-win product that is deployed during sports games. Fans claim free NFTs as raffle tickets with a frictionless UX, and the raffle winners get a chance to win autographed jerseys. Mywin enables NFT Labs to enrich the experience for thousands of in-game attendees by providing them with a unique and interactive experience.

In addition to Mywin, NFT Labs is integrating its social-plus marketplace, Itsmyne, for the secondary trading of Mywin NFTs and Metamyne, a metaverse experience where fans can explore different sports-based experiences and play-to-win games. 

NFT Labs is working hard to onboard those who might initially be hesitant to venture into web3 by targeting web2 users who play casual smartphone games and attend live game events, such as soccer matches. They have already successfully launched a pilot with over 4,000 user activations at a soccer match between Tottenham Hotspur and AS Roma at the Samy Ofer Stadium in Haifa, Israel and this success spurred the Itsmyne app for its approval to be listed on the Apple app store!

NFT Labs' partnership with SKALE empowers the company's "invisible blockchain" philosophy, allowing it to deploy first-of-their-kind, scalable gasless digital collectible collection and distribution systems. SKALE offers high scalability and throughput, sub-second confirmation times, up to 2,000 transactions per second per chain, and low gas fees, making it an ideal platform for NFT Labs' products and goals to service thousands of live event attendees. 

According to Atharva Sabnis, Co-Founder of NFT Labs, "Our partnership with SKALE empowers our 'invisible blockchain' philosophy, letting us deploy first-of-their-kind, scalable gasless digital collectible collection and distribution systems to let sports superfans collect the rewards they deserve."

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