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June 13, 2022

MyLilius Wallet Beta Announcement - Guest Post | SKALE

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We are excited to announce that the MyLilius Wallet has officially entered into public beta. This means that starting today you will be able to access the MyLilius Wallet in what we call sandbox mode.

For the first time in the Web3 space you will be able to connect to multiple networks simultaneously, see your assets aggregated into a single view, and of course create a Digitally Optimized Twin.

Sandbox Environment (Test Networks)

What is the sandbox Environment?

The sandbox environment is our name for testing environments. The term testnet is not well known for new users, while the term sandbox is often used for new projects to play around or build on top of. The sandbox environment for the MyLilius Wallet is the ONLY environment currently available. Once the application deploys to production (mainnet); the sandbox environment will be available within the app through a toggle so developers and individuals interested in continuing to support the new features coming to MyLilius have the ability to do so.

What networks are supported during the beta?

The initial beta will support the following networks:

  • Ethereum (Rinkeby)
  • BNB Chain (Testnet)
  • Polygon (Mumbai)
  • MyLilius (Testnet)

Please note that all of these are TEST Networks; this means that you cannot see mainnet funds.

Will my existing funds on mainnet be accessible?

Any existing funds that you have on mainnet will not be accessible during the beta phase. LordGandhi has built out multiple quests that can be found here. These quests will enable you to quickly and easily attain testnet funds through a variety of faucets and platforms while learning how to use the MyLilius Wallet at the same time.

Digitally Optimized Twin

The MyLilius Alpha had our core Digitally Optimized Twin technology. The MyLilius Wallet Beta takes it to the next level. Not only is sending funds using DOT names even more powerful; you can now create and manage your own DOT record to put popular information such as social media handles and other network addresses directly on chain. The best part is that it is all linked directly to your Digitally Optimized Twin.

Accessing the Beta

Attaining access to the beta is very simple. If you are on your phone simply click the link for your chosen platform. If you are viewing this on your computer simply scan the QR code for your chosen device and begin.

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