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May 25, 2023

Game on: NFTb to Launch New Platform on the SKALE Network | SKALE

SKALE Network

In the dynamic world of gaming, evolution is the name of the game, and NFTb is here to take things to a whole new level with the exciting news that their innovative gaming center will be built on the SKALE Network! This marks a significant leap forward for the world of Web3 gaming, unleashing untapped potentials and ushering in a new era of innovation and excitement.

NFTb is a pioneer in the world of digital ownership and Web3 gaming. Since its inception in April 2021, NFTb has tirelessly dedicated itself to incubating and growing gaming projects. As a platform supported across chains, NFTb is bringing a community of over 160,000 users to SKALE, along with experience in the development of over 200 games. NFTb’s mission has always been to bridge the gap between games and gamers, with a commitment to onboarding players to Web3 through on-chain and media activities.

So, why SKALE Network? SKALE has established itself as the only protocol that offers immense value for gamers and game developers alike. SKALE’s focus on providing an invisible blockchain experience coupled with being rated the world's fastest blockchain makes it the perfect destination to be NFTb’s gaming center launch partner.  NFTb’s COO, Alper Esen, perfectly encapsulates this groundbreaking partnership:

"As NFTb, we have recognized the increasing demand for innovation in the space. With our commitment to driving progress, we have continually strived to meet this need. Following the successful introduction of our INO launchpad model in 2021, we are now taking a significant leap forward with the launch of our exciting new Gaming Center on SKALE. This cutting-edge platform incorporates unique features that greatly enhance support for gaming projects and gamers, making it an exceptional addition to the industry. Its alignment with SKALE's vision of fostering growth in the Web3 gaming space makes it a perfect fit." (source: @YodaGamerz)

This partnership signifies more than just the integration of NFTb’s innovative gaming platform; it symbolizes the dawn of a new era in gaming. Buckle up and join us in this exciting journey towards a more vibrant, more immersive, and more easily accessible gaming universe.

The future of gaming starts now, with NFTb and SKALE leading the charge. Let's game on!

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