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June 30, 2022

ETHNewYork X SKALE: The hackathon bounty winners! | SKALE

Marcos Sanchez
Head of Communications

It was an amazing week in NYC for the SKALE core team. We started the week off in the ever evolving and exciting world of NFTs at NFT.NYC for the second year in a row. 14,000 people descended upon NYC for 3 days of all things NFT and the vibe was just incredible.

That said, it was really just a warm up for the activity that gets us super jazzed! ETHGlobal put on their annual ETHNewYork hackathon and it really was all that and a bag of chips. 1500 hackers, spending a few days (and nights) building, creating, delivering some of the coolest and most creative dapps crypto has ever seen. In fact, we see the ETH hackathons as a leading indicator of where the industry is going and what the upcoming trends in building will be.

16 hours days, staggered shifts, snacks, espresso, some amazing food (including NYC hot dogs and pretzels at midnight) and we’re very proud to say that 35 projects were built using SKALE and submitted for review making us one of the most built on projects at the event! So, without further ado, let’s showcase the SKALE Bounty Winners:

🥇Grand prize was a tie between two amazing projects:


HE(ART) is a gamified DAO governed collective focused on enabling artists and users to take part in the creation and funding of public social good projects. HE(ART) is a way to bring artists together and bring more visibility to raise funds for social good, all while giving activists a voice and making their collaboration interactive, impactful, and meaningful. They created a platform where people can vote on which artists come together, collaborate to create art, and livestream their process to increase user engagement and participation. After which they can mint the final piece as an NFT that is auctioned off for a good cause.

Check out the HE(ART) project here.

Ozen Web 3.0 Music Player

Ozen built a Web3 Spotify-disruptor where artists get paid directly in real time with no third-party intermediaries, all on the blockchain. Web2 streaming platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify only pay artists quarterly, but their music is streamed and purchased 24 hours a day, that's a disconnect. Artists deserve to be paid when their music is consumed. Furthermore, artists only receive an average of 15% of the profits from their music hosted on streaming platforms. Ozen solves this problem using Web3 protocols to pay artists in real-time with no intermediary parties taking fees. When you listen on Ozen, artists and audiences are brought together in a new way that empowers creator and consumer, all thanks to the power of on-chain analytics and payment protocols.

Check out the Ozen project here.

Prize for Metaverse, Games, NFTs (4-way tie)

W3B_W@Y (Webway)

Webway aims to create a new paradigm to put the power back in the hands of the creators by enabling them to own their data and access it on their own terms. Each metaverse space is hosted in a fully-sovereign and ownable ERC-721 token in the form of an interactive application which is hosted on IPFS. Owners of these spaces can update them through smart contract operations, where the resulting updates are stored on a combination of on-chain and IPFS. By focusing on the space between spaces, the Webway, they are building a new paradigm.

Webway envisions NFT communities giving their token holders access to mint these worlds and have a socially connected network through the ability to create portals between spaces with smart contract operations. Ultimately this can become a massive, open, decentralized network for community owned metaverse worlds.

Check out the Webway project here.


The Promisingpreneur collection comprises a few NFT collections, one key one being a proof of education NFT that supports young creatives across the world in their path to learning online. It's an attempt to help educate our young people about entrepreneurship, emotional intelligence and how to better navigate the world, with a focus on underprivileged communities.

Check out the Promisingpreneur project here.


DecenGame stands for Decentralized Excelsior Game. A Metaverse Monopoly Play-to-Earn game that mixes ancient Roman myths and Gods and tokenized Real Estate via NFTs and crypto. The main idea is to bring new people to the Metaverse and Ethereum space by having fun and earning tokens.

Check out the DecenGame project here.

Space Steaks

Space Steaks is a PvP conquest game, replicating the "simple mechanics & complex strategies" features of Chess or Go. The main action is staking on planets & winners earn the stakes. Space Steaks is a battle between 2 players who compete to take control of the map. The game is carried out by staking ETH on planets you control, which boosts the offense and defense of that planet. Be careful though, because there is a delay to unstake relative to the amount of ETH you put in. The player that conquers an opponents planet with ETH on it takes the ETH. The game ends when one player conquers all planets along with the opposing players deployed ETH.

Check out the Space Steaks project here.

Best Partner integration (using Livepeer)

IL Art (Interactive Live Art)

IL Art is a concept for artists to engage with their audience and create a collaborative live visual art performance. Audience members can change certain details of the artwork (specified by the artist), such as color, speed of movement, size of geometry, etc. What's more, when an audience member participates, their effect is applied and then the system renders a screenshot of the visuals, and mints them to the user! Basically it serves as a memento of your interaction during the performance and is the result of the artist and audience having fun together. The website is live and setup as a DAO.

Check out the IL Art project here.

A HUGE congrats to everyone that participated and especially to the winners of the SKALE bounties. It's inspiring for all the core team to be around such creativity, and especially to get such amazing direct feedback from the hackers that are building the Web3 of tomorrow!


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