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October 27, 2021

CryptoCrusades: In Game NFTs made possible by SKALE | SKALE

Marcos Sanchez
Head of Communications

NFTs are one of the hottest and most promising technologies in the blockchain world today, with a unique ability to show the value that Ethereum and Web3 can bring to consumers. Whether virtual or physical goods, using NFTs allows creators to take engagement to a whole new level. Nowhere is this more clearly seen than in the Games category.

CryptoCrusades is a medieval strategy MMO where you battle other players and collect NFTs. It features strategic gameplay inspired by games like Civilization, Tribal Wars, and OGame, but builds on them by integrating NFTs and blockchain into game play. Players can harvest resources, expand their empire, trade, and battle with other players. A key element of the game is its focus on NFT trading, which is deeply inspired by the history of art and trade routes along the Silk Road. Players can craft and sell artistic NFTs as historical artifacts, which come with unique benefits that affect gameplay.

“Genesis Cities, our premium NFTs, wouldn’t be functional in our game without the technology created by SKALE. The combination of gasless transactions, an increased block limit, and way more transactions per second, means that we are able to sustain a massive model of Earth for our players. The Genesis Cities occupy specific plots of land, from the London tile to the Hong Kong tile. Owning a Genesis City allows players to start their empire from that plot of land, all thanks to SKALE. We're committed to working closely with SKALE on our future NFT endeavours.” Gabriel Meredith, CEO Merfolk Games.

Set to launch in Q1 2022, players have true ownership over their game assets, which they can buy and sell easily. They are launching a Strategic Land Sale of Genesis Cities NFTs. These plots of land, with 88 set locations on a model of Earth, will be the seats of 88 empires on iOS and Android when the game is launched. Owning a Genesis City NFT means you have full control over your empire and the opportunity to sell it at a profit.

Join their Genesis City sale.

SKALE’s multi-chain network lets brands, artists, developers, and as we see here, game developers mint, transact, and manage NFTs of all types with loads of additional functionality. It offers many advantages for NFT-based solutions including zero cost minting, scalable and fast decentralized on-chain operations, extensive on-chain file storage,  Ethereum-native tooling and support, and more.

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