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May 14, 2021

Congrats ETH Scaling Hackathon SKALE Bounty Winners! | SKALE

Ebru Engwall
Director of Solutions Engineering

Developers are the heartbeat of the SKALE network and a critical part of the SKALE community, and we’re confirming our commitment to them with this Hackathon. Even in this topsy turvy world of virtual conferences, zoom, discord and telegram. The core team was covering things 24/7 across the globe and was thoroughly inspired by the enthusiasm, ideas and energy of the hackers. A HUGE shout out to core team members Chadwick, Christine, Conner, Ebru, Fabio, Jenia, Solene and of course the wonderful engineers who answered all sorts of questions and made things happen.

But, this is really about the projects. SKALE had a banner showing as one of the solutions with the largest number of project submissions supporting SKALE. At the end of the day 21 amazing projects submitted their projects for consideration, which was one in six projects hacking. If you’re interested in seeing the full list of projects, go here and if you click on the “Technology used” button on the left just above the first project, you can select SKALE”.

It was a hard decision, all the projects were cool in their own ways, but we decided to highlight the following 5 projects as the main winners of the SKALE bounties. So, without further ado.

1st Prize

NFT Puzzle thing

Developers: Haardik Haardik, Danish Arora, Sneh Koul

Description: Have you ever wondered if collecting NFT's was not just buying and selling them? What if they could be a little more fun? NFT Puzzle Thing is a Proof-of-Work NFT Puzzle game. The more work you put in, the better the reward.

Kilimanjaro Prize


Developers: James Bourque, Steven Matthiesen

Description: For this hackathon, they recreated a shopify-like storefront experience, while replacing back-end services with decentralized/stateless/blockchain infrastructure. Key characteristics and functions will include:

  • Importing inventory information from Shopify
  • Storing data on SKALE Storage and/or IPFS
  • Allow users to connect their digital identity, rather than collect user data
  • Check-out using an ETH-based Stablecoin, ETH, or SKL

There will be two distinct user experiences, the retailer, and the consumer.


Developers: Ben Gyles, Robert Willson, Antoine De Vuyst

Description: Musicoin is a music streaming platform built on the blockchain that supports the creation, distribution and consumption of music in a shared economy. Listeners can stream songs from independent musicians on our platform absolutely free and without ads, while musicians are compensated more fairly than major music streaming platforms in the industry.

How it's made: In the past they used their own blockchain which was an Ethereum fork. Now they moved from their coin to a new erc20 token on Ethereum mainnet and are looking to leverage second layer solutions such as Skale to increase the speed and reduce the fee of our micro-transactions. Every artist and track on their system is a smart contract which can be interacted with. In the future they are looking to build a new economic model that includes DEFI and the use of NFT's.

Cities Protocol

Developers: Habacuc Vera, Grace Ng, Andrew Hong, Jeff Dinkelman

Description: VoTaro is an Ethereum application that uses a reward system to encourage residents of Queretaro City to propose and participate in activities that will improve their community.

How it's made: They use a modified version of Compound's GovernorAlpha smart contract for real-world interactions, we develop a customer ERC-20 contract to mint TARO tokens for voting power for users. This application would not be practical currently on Ethereum due to slow transaction speeds and high gas costs, so we use, SKALE Network which provides speed and security in the near term, while offering the possibility for expansion over time.

Best Partner Integration


Developer: Kevin Bluer

Description: Flaunt enables owners of NFTs (or those just interested in remixing existing assets) to create derivative works based on items they already own. These might take the form of a limited edition "remix" series to enable downstream monetization, gifts to friends or family, licenses for reuse (enabling a royalty stream), or simply to have it go down in the annals meme history. It makes the entire workflow as simple (#nocode) as it can be by handling the loading of an existing asset, the subsequent meme-ification, metadata generation and asset saving to IPFS (with optional Filecoin / Pinata pinning), and minting to an L2 (current support for both SKALE and Arbitrum). The Arbitrum integration also uses Torus for users that currently don't have an existing wallet.

Yes, we were so excited about the amazing work that we decided we had to double the prize pool to support additional winners including:

• TicketShare
• EverlastingNotebook
• Vaccine NFT
• Scaffold Reach UI
• Pixfarmon
• Pixel Property
• Ether Empire

We're looking forward to doing more hackathons and are especially excited at the prospect of doing things IRL!! See you soon.

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