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February 17, 2023

Clet Name Service, a web3 organized naming service, has released its v2 upgrade on SKALE | SKALE

Sydney Jacobs
Content and Comms Manager

By the day, the blockchain ecosystem is growing. This can be attributed to blockchain’s potential to change how people operate in the banking, real estate, or even gaming industries! With all this demand, emerging blockchains with different use cases have made the ecosystem even more complex and challenging to navigate for new and existing users. With more blockchains, users have more crypto wallets that have private and public keys, leaving more room for error when sending and receiving payments. If one character is wrong in a given address, your crypto is forever gone! However, we are pleased to announce that Clet, a decentralized web3 name service that combines wallet addresses into a single identity, currently live on SKALE, has released its v2 update! 

Clet provides an organized naming structure by emphasizing the native blockchain the address belongs to. For instance, if you had a wallet address on bitcoin and ripple, Clet would create a unique address corresponding to the customer’s name and the native blockchain it is on. The structure also allows developers to utilize and integrate the service seamlessly onto their platforms. Clet is live on SKALE, with zero gas fees for end users providing ease for Clet’s clients performing many transactions. Since going live, Clet has released its v2 version.

The following are the latest developments on Clet v2:

  • Authentication will be strictly web3. No more email authentication!
  • All user actions will be recorded on the SKALE chain (e.g., mapping an address to a name)
  • Smart contracts will be made public for developers to get on-chain data within their smart contracts or dApps.
  • A virtual keyboard that users can use in any of their favorite mobile applications for Clet, ENS, and Unstoppable Domain name resolution. (e.g. typing bob.btc in the Binance application withdrawal page will load the mapped BTC address of Bob) still in progress*
  • Ability to map links and other important identity details such as socials, websites, etc.
  • Users can now resell their names at their own prices on-chain.
  • Users will now be able to transfer their names to any user on-chain.
  • A partnership program where partners enjoy a percentage from onboarding users on Clet

Rollout plan for transitioning existing users to the new contract on the new SKALE Chain:

  • All existing users will be emailed about the transition.
  • Existing users will get their names unlocked in the wallet accounts they used for payment.
  • Existing users will get (t + 1) expiry update where t is the number of years remaining to expiry. (Thus t < 365 = 365)
  • Users can opt to have their existing names unlocked in a different wallet by responding to the email before the rollout date.
For more information, check out Clet’s following resources below: 


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