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March 2, 2023

Building on SKALE, Gamifly is bringing the Metaverse to sports | SKALE

Sydney Jacobs
Content and Comms Manager

Sports fandom is a global phenomenon. The sports industry has been around for more than 3,000 years. But what keeps the industry alive is its fans. Every sports team, regardless of how well-known or not, has some sort of support and or loyal fan base that attends its games no matter how big or small. However, like most industries such as finance, arts & entertainment adopting new technologies to reach larger audiences and stay competitive with one another, the sports industry has felt the pressure to become more innovative, specifically revolutionizing the fan experience. 

According to a report conducted by Deloitte, in 2023, technology will continue to infuse every aspect of sports, empowering athletes and creating a more immersive experience for fans at live events and at home. With advancements in technology, Gamifly is doing just that. They are bringing sports to the metaverse for billions of fans and are now building on SKALE.

SKALE’s latest partner, Gamifly is a fully transparent sports metaverse that provides esports events for fans and gamers alike! Already having successful launch their flagship product, CricketFly in South Asia for cricket fans in the region, there are goals to expand into other countries across the Asia Pacific. Their product is already becoming a phenomenon amongst sports fans with almost a million downloads to date and growing since its launch in August 2022. 

Gamifly is able to stay competitive with the Web2 players because SKALE’s zero gas fees keep the cost of playing in the sports metaverse at a low cost for end users. Point of entry and gaming at a low cost in Web3 will allow the adoption of this decentralized industry worldwide. Robert Zhang, Gamifly’s co-founder explains, “We are very pleased to be partnering with SKALE to drive Web3 mass adoption in a cost-effective way. We look forward to deepening our collaboration by integrating more features with SKALE to develop a decentralized esports ecosystem for Web3.”

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