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December 8, 2022

SKALE Sri Lanka x Crypto Colosseum Community AMA | SKALE

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Crypto Colosseum is a CryptoRome-themed NFT-powered game collection building on SKALE. On November 17th, Crypto Colosseum’s Co-founders Topper Bowers [@tobowers] and Olaniyi Oladokun [@nifabulous], joined our SKALE Sri Lanka community and ambassador, Dilip Ishara, in our first-ever Ambassador run Community AMA series to answer the long-awaited questions! 

Segment One | Main Intro: Guest Speakers and Project

(Speaker(s) Introduction)
About Topper:

Hey everyone! Super happy to be here. I’ve never been to Sri Lanka, so maybe you can tell me more about the country later too? I’m a co-founder of Crypto Colosseum, and I come from a deep technology background. I’ve worked in lots of startups, and I got the crypto bug in about 2016. I’m always super excited by real-world uses for crypto, and I think gaming is clearly going to be one of the big ones. My favorite game is still Golden Eye on Nintendo 64 though - so that dates me, I guess :). 

About Olaniyi:

Hi everyone, My name is Olaniyi, I’m a co-founder of Crypto colosseum, and I have a very rich background in product design. I worked as a designer, mostly in the financial sector. Design brought me into the crypto world, and I haven’t looked back since. My favorite game is FIFA because I’m a Football fanatic.

(About Crypto Colosseum)

Crypto Colosseum is an ecosystem of lore, art, strategy, and battle set in an alternative Roman Empire. In the arctic circle, a large deposit of the mineral $SKL is hidden beneath the surface of the rock and snow. This $SKL is the life and power of the Wootgump. Wootgump is a psychoactive plant with the power to heal. It can both shape your reality and heal mortal wounds. This plan powers the entire economy of Crypto Rome.

Crypto Colosseum is a game about community, creativity, collaboration, and battle. It is a game for everyone, regardless of experience or background. It has casual elements and deep strategic, social play.

Segment Two | Questions preselected from Community submissions

Is there any NFT for skill up the hero? Do you have a tutorial on how to play this game? [@asanka2006]

Crypto Colosseum: Currently, the stats for the players of Delph’s Table are randomly assigned when you join. However, we are currently in the process of releasing The Masks of the Ancients (available soon on NFTrade). Soon after, players will start to get their own warriors which they can equip, and build up stats. We’re working on tutorials, but we’re going to have a major upgrade to Delph’s soon and so it will probably follow that.

Most of the games in blockchain mostly lack good graphics & gameplay causing an unpleasant gaming experience. How do you tackle this? Do you encourage game developers to create better games? [@Crypto_MAli]

Crypto Colosseum: We love great graphics! Modern games tend to be a trade off between graphics, and distribution. If you look at our site, a lot of the really stunning things were created in Unreal Engine 5 (a game engine). We’ve decided to release Delph’s Table as a browser game to make it as accessible as possible, but that means slightly less realistic graphics. There are a lot of changes happening in the market now though and we expect browser games to really level up over the next 12 months.

What strategy will you implement to bring non-crypto-natives into your ecosystem? How do you keep a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of your token? [@HasiHasi2002]

Crypto Colosseum: At the current time we do not have a speculative token so we don’t have to worry about trying to prop up that price. As for the non-crypto folks, we’re doing a lot on the UI and we need to do more. Already, you don’t need to switch chains, or keep signing transactions and it works well with all the mobile wallets. Next up is removing the need to even have a wallet to begin with. We’re constantly striving to reduce TTF (time to fun) and we still have a lot of work to do, but it’s a real priority.

What do I need to start playing the game (ie is there some initial investment required to play it)? Is it to buy useful items in the game, or does this create the same opportunities to play for those with and without in-game currency? [@MADUSH2244]

Crypto Colosseum: Crypto Colosseum is one of the first web3 games to be completely free to play (thanks SKALE!). We are part of a new breed of “play to own” games, in which we are trying to reward our earliest and most engaged players with lots of cool stuff from the beginning. Already, you can just go out on Delph’s Table, harvest wootgump, get SKL rewards and earn enough to get a Masks of the Ancients which, as we said earlier, will also be for sale on NFTrade in the next few days.

CryptoColosseum is a P2E NFT game with simple gameplay. I would also like to know if there are possibilities of a FREE-TO-PLAY options for new gamers in the nearest future. Wouldn’t that be a great idea to keep the inflow of a rich, steady, & stable Community? [@NoRegretzAgent3]

Crypto Colosseum: Yes! Whole heartedly yes! and it’s already free to play. You can just get on Delph’s Table right now. We want to reduce as much friction as we can to get involved in the game. All of our games rely on social dynamics and we are all about bringing in new folks to our Crypto Roman world.

With the release of a new generation of Consoles, the gaming industry is on the hype. How does Crypto Colosseum plan to participate in the development of the blockchain gaming industry? What innovations does Crypto Colosseum bring to the gaming industry? [@Supun_Chalu]

Crypto Colosseum: Great question and we’re doing lots here. First of all, Crypto+Fun is an underserved market. There are lots of AAA games going to come out, but they don’t play deeply in crypto. And, as we all know, there’s way too many ponzi-crypto-only games out there that don’t have fun. What’s really interesting is when start to make games that use crypto as a tool to shape gameplay and not just a way to give out digital ownership.

What are your targets for 2023? Will you enter the NFT industry in the future? Are you also thinking about adding more NFTs to your portfolio?  [@Supun_Chalu]

Crypto Colosseum: Next up… 2023 is going to be the year of the browser game (web3 included). There’s a ton of tech that’s going to make gaming in your browser (desktop and mobile) way more fun than downloading and playing in a walled garden. We’re working with a variety of partners to bring this awesome to you in 2023.

As for NFTs, the Mask of the Ancients are here and there’s another special collection coming soon :tm: that I think you’ll enjoy :).

What are the next plans for DELPH'S Table? [@Nishanbuddika]

Crypto Colosseum: I think you’re going to love the next version of Delph’s. We’ve listened to our audience and it’s going to be: more social, more dynamic, more fun :). We’re turning it into a realtime game (instead of the round-based board game you know and love). This will make it faster to get into a table, more fun to play with friends, and all in all just a better experience all around. Can’t wait to play that with all of you!

Does SKALE offer something radically different from other networks, apart from the zero gas fee? [@asquarebubble]

Crypto Colosseum: The combination of zero gas fees + deep Ethereum integration is DOPE! As some of you know, we run a classic game on another chain. Everytime the price moves on that chain, we get priced out of making transactions over there… the chain gets clogged. The app separation of SKALE fixes this. Add in the fact that players can move their assets from SKALE chain to SKALE chain and to mainnet (and I think maybe others soon) and you have a super robust ecosystem for Crypto Colosseum.

Could you explain the difference between $GUMP and $dGUMP ? How can users get benefits from each token? [@AkiiBoy]

Crypto Colosseum: Think of $GUMP as the game token (but not a speculative asset). You use $GUMP to get assets (the first asset is the Masks of the Ancients). dGump is what you earn playing Delph’s Table immediately but it takes about 4 days to fully convert to $GUMP. The reason for that is that when you show up at Delph’s Table, you’re risking something… this gives the new players a real shot at success against the people playing all the time.

Do you have a plan to launch a mobile app in the future for android & iOS? [@AkiiBoy]

Crypto Colosseum: Never say never, but Apple has made it clear recently that they don’t want game NFTs on their app store. As I said earlier though, 2023 is going to be the year of the browser game! There’s a confluence of tech (for the nerds: push notifications, pwa, webgpu, webauthn, web3, SKALE) that is really coming together right now and it’s going to be a real bright year.

Segment Three | Live AMA

What are the plans for global expansion? Are you focusing on the market at this time or focusing on building and developing or getting customers and users or partnerships? @MADUSH2244]

Crypto Colosseum: We have been a global game for a while with players from us, europe, and west africa primarily (though that's expanding). We are always going to be builders, and keep building... but we're ready for players and community member snow!

What is the gladiator's most important factor? [@Gregory192]

Crypto Colosseum: Every stat is important :). It all depends on your strategy and your equipment. What we have now is the beginnings of a much bigger game. Delph's Table is just a small mini-game in a much larger universe.

What does it take to have a rare mask? [@awongospel2]

Crypto Colosseum: Masks are divided into uncommon / rare / ultra-rare and the metadata was shuffled using a blockhash from SKALE. There are different ways to win masks, and you can still prebuy with 15k wootgump to get a random mask. The rest will be minted out and listed on NFTrade as soon as it launches.

What are the legal and regulatory guidelines, and how will the organization monitor emerging regulatory considerations? [@Supun_Chalu]

Crypto Colosseum: This is a good one! First and foremost we're a community of art, community and gaming... not financial products. This puts us into a much clearer regulatory area then say DEXes, etc. It's pretty well established law on in-game assets and digital goods. We're trying to stay on that side.

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