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ZERO gas fees and high performance, a blockchain built for AI dapps
Zero gas fees.
Unmatched speed.
Limitless AI innovation.

UAWs on SKALE have Grown 4568% YoY with $6 Billion in Gas Fee Savings

How is this possible?

Zero Gas Fees.

Revolutionize your AI project with zero transaction fees, making it economically feasible to scale complex AI operations.

Unprecedented Speed

Dartmouth Blockchain rated SKALE the fastest blockchain in the industry, making it the only option for AI-intensive needs.

Instant Finality And

Ensure AI integrity with SKALE's instant finality, making every decision final and secure, free from MEV risks.

AI/ML Execution within Smart Contracts

Seamlessly integrate and execute AI and ML models within smart contracts to unlock the full potential of on-chain AI use cases.

Trusted by Developers, Creators, and Builders Globally

"SKALE is ideal for Exorde's high TPS and low latency needs. Handling millions of transactions daily, SKALE enables real-time data processing and simplifies user experience by removing gas costs, all while maintaining Ethereum's security."
Terence Gras
CEO & Co-Founder at Exorde
How Gas-Free Gaming Looks Behind the Scenes