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Terence Gras
Exorde CEO/Co-Founder
"SKALE is perfect for a high-tps and a low latency dapp like Exorde. We are making millions of transactions per day. Our data-related use cases need low latency to come close to real-time processing. SKALE is our execution layer, allowing us to abstract technicalities like gas from our user experience while still being secured by Ethereum. Overall, a dedicated high-performance chain is perfect for our data-related operations."
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What is Exorde AI?

Exorde is a decentralized protocol designed to collect and extract sentiment from social networks all over the world in real-time, regardless of language and location through a global and decentralized community. The platform's decentralized approach allows for the collection of data on social networks that are locked behind proxies or entirely different internets.

Thanks to its unique approach, Exorde's data is reliable and publicly processed, making it possible to use the platform for various use cases, such as market predictions, e-reputation, and trend analysis.

The Challenges

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They aimed to leverage Ethereum's security and decentralization, but considering the number of transactions they needed to process, it was cost prohibitive to launch on Ethereum 


Exorde needed to process a large number of transactions with low latency and low cost due to the nature of their high performance application


As Exorde aspires to be a foundational component of web3 information providing a service to a large user base, it required a seamless user experience

Next-level Challenges

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Fight the spread of fake news and misinformation
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Eliminate the information bubble effect caused by personalized news and social media
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Establish a more reliable, trustworthy, and equitable method of internet data collection and analysis
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SKALE: The Unrivaled Solution for Exorde AI

Exorde faced a challenge in finding a suitable Layer 2 solution that could accommodate its unique requirements. While many Layer 2 options are still in development and do not provide comprehensive functionality, SKALE emerged as the most viable choice.

SKALE's unparalleled capabilities position it as the ultimate choice for Exorde, providing exceptional throughput, seamless Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility, and revolutionary gas-less transactions. Its groundbreaking architecture, consisting of multiple interconnected SKALE chains, enables lightning-fast processing and significantly reduced congestion, effortlessly handling Exorde's demanding transaction volume.

The EVM compatibility enables easy migration and development using familiar Ethereum tools, streamlining the development process. Furthermore, by pioneering gas-less transactions, SKALE eliminates entry barriers, drawing a vast user base and substantially reducing users' financial constraints, which is crucial for Exorde's triumphant success.

SKALE's Game-Changing Solutions for AI

Unprecedented Throughput

SKALE serves as a layer-2 network for Exorde’s data and execution layers. Unlike monolithic Layer 1s, SKALE offers unlimited capacity since new nodes can be utilized to create new chains, which increases throughput and computational power across the network.

Instant Transaction Speed and Finality

Thanks to SKALE performance, Exorde can execute millions of transactions daily. A study by Dartmouth Blockchain recorded a value of 397.7 Transactions Per Seconds per SKALE chain (as at the moment 20 SKALE chains are deployed, the entire network potential is 7,954 TPS), and a Time To Finality of 1.46 seconds.

Revolutionizing Gas-Less Transactions

SKALE is a gas-free layer-2 network that allows Exorde to operate without its users having to deal with gas-related issues or bear any transaction cost. Instead, SKALE chains use a gas called sFUEL to conduct transactions. The sFUEL token has no value, costs nothing, and provides a way for the Exorde execution layer to protect itself against DDoS attacks.

Limitless, On-Demand Blockchain Service

SKALE Network's innovative horizontal scaling enables limitless creation of SKALE chains. Exorde benefits from SKALE's on-demand subscription model, paying a monthly fee for hosting and developing their dApp. This flexibility allows resource adjustment and additional chains as needed, simplifying Exorde's market entry and user adoption while providing free transactions.

Harnessing Ethereum's Security

Exorde leverages Ethereum layer 1 for security and transparency, safeguarding its governance and token economy. SKALE IMA (Inter-Messaging-Agent), a bridge secured and operated by the SKALE Network validators, enables Exorde to exist between SKALE and Ethereum chains, facilitating bidirectional message and token transfers between them.

Empowering Ethereum-Native Development

As SKALE is a network of EVM-compatible blockchains, Exorde developers were enabled to build in Solidity enabling the same ERC20-compatible addresses (via MetaMask, TrustWallet, etc.) to interact with Exorde seamlessly.

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Driving Exorde's Phenomenal Success


total transactions executed at ZERO cost


ETH saved on gas fees (this metric is based on: 793,429.35 average gas used gas used per transaction (Total gas used /  by total transactions)


transactions per day processed

Attracted over 70k contributors to crawl 50M+ URLs per day
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