Announcing $2 Million 
in SKL Grants for 2024 GDC Attendees

Be a Part of the Future of Gaming with SKALE's Exclusive Grant Program! Applications Due April 12th

In March, the global gaming industry attended the premier gaming conference, GDC, in San Francisco.

This limited-time initiative invites developers, innovators, and gaming studios to pitch their ideas or projects  to SKALE team members. This is a unique opportunity for your project to receive a portion of the $2 Million SKL grants dedicated to GDC attendees who want to empower the next wave of blockchain gaming experiences.

Applicants can apply via this link. Deadline for applications is Friday, April 12th.

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Who Should Apply?

SKALE's GDC grant program is open to projects at any stage of their blockchain journey, with a vision for blockchain integration, potential for community engagement, and a committed team ready to elevate their gaming experience with SKALE. 

Indie Game 

If you're an independent developer with a unique game concept and a vision to integrate blockchain, this opportunity is for you.

Gaming Studios

Established studios looking to infuse existing titles with blockchain features or develop new blockchain-based games.

Web2 to Web3 Transitioners

Projects rooted in traditional gaming aiming to leverage blockchain for features like digital ownership and decentralized assets.

Web3 Native Games

Games built with a blockchain-first approach seeking to improve performance, reduce costs, or scale up will find SKALE's infrastructure supportive.

Why SKALE for Gaming?

Choosing SKALE as the infrastructure for your gaming project means tapping into a network designed for high performance, usability, and scalability through zero gas fees. SKALE is the proven fastest blockchain and was named the top active gaming chain in 2023 by CoinGecko.

The Benefits of Choosing
SKALE vs. Other Chains

Zero Gas Fees for
Uninterrupted Gameplay

Seamlessly onboard gamers and put in-game actions on-chain for zero cost. Transactions are always free on SKALE.

Your Chain, Your Game, Your Rules

Spin up a dedicated SKALE Chain and tailor every aspect of your game's blockchain environment. SKALE's customizability ensures your game world is exactly as you envision.

Speed Like Never Before

Fast-track your game with SKALE's lightning-speed transactions. High TPS and Instant Finality mean non-stop action and instant thrills.

Invisible Blockchain Experience

Experience gaming on the blockchain without even noticing it's there. SKALE ensures a smooth, uninterrupted gaming experience, making blockchain's presence invisible to gamers.

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