SKALE Connect

Unlock New Utility for your NFT Project

Expand your Project Roadmap. Turbocharge User Growth

Using SKALE’s native oracle, your users can seamlessly leverage their NFT assets from any EVM network and use them on the SKALE Network.

SKALE Connect automatically verifies NFT ownership on any EVM network, enabling users with the necessary NFTs to use them on SKALE without any costs, bridging or locking of assets.

Reward NFT collectors with access to new applications. Expand your ecosystem with new communities. Create novel and delightful NFT experiences for players and collectors alike.

How SKALE Connect Works

Unlock Utility

Open up new and creative ways to add value: in-game events, power-ups, achievement rewards, gated content, and more.

Seamless User Experience

Make onboarding a delightful experience with no cost, no bridge, and no additional steps when connecting wallets.

Reliable and Secure

Accurate and tamper-proof, with no custodial risk. Secured by SKALE’s cutting-edge consensus mechanisms and cryptographic techniques.

Build Without Limits

Industry Leading Speed

Fastest network on the market with the highest TPS, low latency, and instant finality from the Dartmouth 2023 Study.

Zero Gas Fees

Build truly immersive experiences with free transactions, free NFT minting, and free token transfers.

Seamless Onboarding

Delight players with frictionless gameplay, starting with just a few lines of code.

Native Game Development Tools

Speed up development with on-chain file storage, provable RNG, and multi-transaction mode.

Cross-chain Interoperability

Expand your players’ world. Build new in-game and cross-chain assets, economies, and experiences seamlessly.

Configured to your Needs

Prototype your game or build your own chain. Permissioned or permissionless, take control and provide a better user experience.

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