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What is SKALE?

SKALE is a modular multichain blockchain network that serves as a secure Ethereum scaling solution. SKALE‘s architecture is built to support an unlimited amount of AppChains, which are either shared or used by a single dApp. SKALE chains are interconnected and can bridge for free. Onboarding is simple, and gas fees are always FREE for end users.

SKALE Relieves Blockchain Pain Points

Easy UX

SKALE was purpose built to have a simple UX. Users DO NOT need SKL tokens in their wallet to interact with dApps, and users can easily transfer assets from Ethereum mainnet and between interoperable SKALE Chains or directly with fiat.


SKALE’s multi-chain architecture allows for fully customizable dApps that offer instant finality and are infinitely scalable. SKALE dApps do not have to compete for resources which means there is no network congestion, allowing for limitless growth.

Free Transactions

SKALE has ZERO gas fees. Other blockchains make users pay fees per transaction, which inhibits growth. SKALE uses a chain subscription model that enables dApps to pay the network, abstracting the cost away from users.

SKALE Features

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Zero Cost Gas Fees
Easy onboarding via always free transactions
High Performance/ Throughput
SKALE Network performs 1000s of transactions at a fraction of the time of other blockchains
Fully EVM Native
Easily deploy fast, pooled-security EVM blockchains
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On-Chain File Storage
Native decentralized file storage for NFTs and other data
Collusion Resistance via Node Rotation & Distributed Validator Network
SKALE Chains are secured by validator nodes that are randomly rotated by a mainnet contract
Infinitely Scalable via AppChains
Say goodbye to network congestion with an infinite amount of SKALE Chains

Words From Founders

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Térence GRAS
CEO and Co-Founder of Exorde Labs
SKALE is perfect for a high-TPS, low latency dapp like Exorde. We are making millions of transactions per day! SKALE is our execution layer, allowing us to abstract technicalities like gas from our UX while still being secured by Ethereum.
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Philip Devine
CEO of Riveted Games
Our successful launch on SKALE highlights the skill of our team in executing our multi-chain strategy, as well as the enthusiasm of our user base for the safe, fast, and free-gas blockchain solution from our partner. Immediately after onboarding, over 20,000 users transferred over NFTs to SKALE Network, far exceeding our expectations!
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SKALE enables blockchain applications to function like Web 2 applications by removing the user experience issues commonly associated with web3 and blockchain apps.
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