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SKALE is the only network that can reliably serve millions of users. It’s unique multi-chain architecture solves blockchains biggest problems, and ensures scalability, performance, security, user experience, and predictable pricing under the heaviest enterprise demands.


Fixed pricing lets you accurately forecast OPEX
Rated the world's fastest blockchain network
Security first - pooled
validation and
Consumer-grade user experience with no gas fees and seamless onboarding
Infinitely scalabale, serve millions of users and
billions of transactions

The SKALE Network

Transactions, and Counting

150 Million


Saved in Gas Fees


Active Users (last 180 days)

Rated the World’s Fastest Blockchain

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Exorde Achieves the Previously Impossible on SKALE

Gas Fees Saved
"SKALE is perfect for a high-tps and a low latency dapp like Exorde. We are making millions of transactions per day. Our data-related use cases need low latency to come close to real-time processing. SKALE is our execution layer, allowing us to abstract technicalities like gas from our user experience while still being secured by Ethereum. Overall, a dedicated high-performance chain is perfect for our data-related operations."
Exorde CEO/Co-Founder
Terence Gras

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