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122% Increase in User Growth

“Our successful launch on SKALE highlights the skill of our team in executing our multi-chain strategy, as well as the enthusiasm of our user base for the safe, fast, and free-gas blockchain solution from our partner. Immediately after onboarding, over 20,000 users transferred over NFTs to SKALE Network, far exceeding our expectations!”
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Philip Devine
CEO of Riveted Games
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Revolutionizing Gaming

Riveted Games LLC, is an independent game development studio with multiple award winning titles launched on the worldwide marketplace Steam. Riveted, and their revolutionary Cryptoblades project, aims to bring blockchain technology into everyday lives by empowering gamers through Play-to-Earn. They've created a fun and profitable experience for their players, built a thriving community around blockchain gaming, and established a global ecosystem of Play-to-Earn gaming.

Cryptoblades launch day exceeded all expectations with a record-breaking total transaction count, surpassing that of any previous crypto game. But the team was determined to drive even more growth.

By making the game both fast and free for players, they knew they could attract even more gamers to their platform and solidify its position as the leading player in the industry.
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Simple Deployment

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SKALE Network provided the CryptoBlades team with a seamless
transition process for their launch.

With its easy-to-use, EVM-compatible, and thoroughly documented solution, the team was able to deploy their own interoperable EVM blockchain in just minutes, without compromising on security or decentralization.

Immediate Impact

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Cryptoblades saw significant growth in user uptake after its deployment, with over 20,000 users transferring NFTs to the network in the first days. The company has since experienced an impressive 122% increase in user growth.

Feature point: By launching on SKALE, CryptoBlades players have saved a staggering $93 million USD in gas fees.

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By The Numbers

$259M USD

Gas Fees Saved


Total Active Users

1.2M NFTs

Bridged to SKALE



Build on SKALE

Easy Onboarding

Frictionless UX - gamers don’t need any tokens to onboard and play

Speed & Scalability

Instant finality and zero cost transactions make it the top platform for game development

Fast & Free for Players

Modular multi-chain architecture allows dApps to be fast, efficient and infinitely scalable
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Build your game on the world’s fastest blockchain network

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